Cell #17

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Submitted: May 24, 2007

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Submitted: May 24, 2007




Cell #17


"Thump, Thump"," Thump, Thump". His heart pounded as he lay in agony. His heart was beating abnormally. He felt delirium and nausea slip into his nervous system. His eyes felt as if they were bleeding, and as if his head was filled with wet cotton. He clumsily stood up and attempted to open the door with the number "017". He couldn't get it open, so he looked around for some opening devices. For example there was a piece of wood that was shaped completely like a baseball bat. And there also just happened to be one of the shatterproof glass windows on the left of the door. He broke the glass, and heard a commotion going on and someone yelling. He stuck his hand through and unlocked the door. Once out he had found out where the commotion was coming from. He came up to a series of three doors, one with a fingerprint scanner, one with a retinal scanner, and one with no sort of locking mechanism at all. The door with nothing at all suddenly lurched forward. It had been knocked off its hinges and on the floor. A tall man with a white shirt and a tie with snakes on it came out and stared at him. Dane had no expression at all.

His name was Dane. He had just joined the police force about a week ago. His nickname was fatso. This was a serious misnomer. This is because he weighed only 103 pounds at the age of 23.

 "Who are you?" asked the man.

"Dane, Dane Lappish."

" Names Kyle" said the man with the accent of the crocodile hunter.

 "Best if we get outta here" said Kyle.

"Good idea" said Dane and they went down the hallway.

 While walking they talked about where they've been and how they might get out.

"Have you been in either of those doors?" asked Dane.

 "No, just the one I was trying to get out of."

 "Well, you don't want to go in there any way." They both came up to an end at the hall. They felt a draft of cold air come down from above. It was a ventilation shaft.

"I'll need some help getting up", Said Kyle.

 So Dane lifted him up and Kyle hauled him up in the shaft. Once in the shaft they saw a light coming from a hole and followed it. It was closed by shutters. So they continued through the shaft. They came to another light with what looked like one of those electrocution chairs. There was a twitching body on the floor next to the chair.

 "So, how'd you get into that room?" asked Dane.

 "Don't know just woke up" replied Kyle.

"Same thing for me," said Dane.

They came up to another ventilation hole in the shaft. What they saw in the hole was a figure that looked like rubber. They jumped down and saw it was tape. It was a man that had been taped up to where he couldn't breath. Dane picked up a piece of broken glass and cut the tape surrounding the face. It was a man that looked like he was in his 40's or 50's.

All of a sudden Dane heard Kyle shriek and start to sob.

 "That's my brother!" yelled Kyle.

" Stay calm, do you need medication?" asked Dane politely

"No, but you whoever did this will!" shouted Kyle

 "Calm down Kyle..." whispered Dane

 "It's Kyle and no, you can't make me." Snapped Kyle

"With that Kyle, I'm sorry." Dane said sadly.

 Kyle shoved Dane in the stomach and ran off like a crazy man. Dane got up three minutes later and went to the hallway to look for Kyle.

"Dude come out, were going to find who did this" Dane yelled down the hallway

"Are you talking to me?" Kyle replied in a sarcastic confusion

"Kyle come' on." Dane answered

"How'd you know my name?" Kyle asked in pure confusion

 "You told me." Dane kindly answered

 "Aw man I'm sorry I have short term memory loss." Kyle said.

After the word short was said Kyle showed up in the light.

"I have to show you something, Kyle, come on." Dane said nervously.

 They walked back in the room. Dane picked up the body and showed Kyle the face.

 "That's my Father!" Kyle shouted

 "What's wrong with you, last time you said it was your brother!" Dane snapped back

 "Well I have a big family and it gets confusing...", "Wait a second, you killed him" Kyle replied waiting for an answer from Dane

 Kyle picked up a piece of broken metal and charged toward Dane. Dane dodged it and went to the hallway.

He heard Kyle screaming and trying to get the metal out of the sheetrock. All he saw was darkness, so he ran. After about 2 minutes of straight running he got dizzy and fell into a door. While falling, his head slammed straight into the doorknob. He slowly started to wake up. All of a sudden he heard "Wake up or you're fired!"

He opened his eyes to see his boss, Mr. Kane.

"Good morning" Mr. Kane said nicely

"Just get to work." Mr. Kane Snapped

 Dane went up to the office bin which is a place that holds the records of where the officers have been. He looked for his name. He found it, pulled it out, and read. He had been to three places Home Depot, Lowe's, and Hollies Worth Penitentiary. He remembered going to Lowe's and Home Depot, but he didn't remember going to the prison.

So he left and went out for the prison. At the prison there was sort of a cell file that held the information about who was in each cell. He looked for his name; it was in cell number"017". So went down the hall of cells and found it. A ray of light surrounded the area under the bed. He entered the cell and looked under the bed. Small passages lead to what looked like a room. He crawled through the passage. The small room had a dresser with 2 doors on it. The top one said "Insanity" and the bottom one said "Peace".


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