The Dead Book

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What happens when you get trapped in a library at night? Read this and you will find out. Rating PG-Teen (13+)
Slight Horror

Submitted: May 24, 2007

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Submitted: May 24, 2007




The Dead Book


Mike stopped at the library after school because Mr. Shack assigned a science project for the whole grade. So Mike stopped to do some research on Plate Tectonics. Before Mike could make it to his seat where he had left his book bag, he tripped and fell. Mike's body fell downward and he hit himself in the face with the 56 pages book. Mike jumped to his feet and ignored the pain, He was looking for whom or what tripped him.  It was his friends Tony and Ed, who came to drop of their year-over-due library book with a fee of $12.67. "Nice Fall", Tony shouted, " But isn't it winter, NOT fall!" Ed added. Both fell on the floor laughing, but Mike was not amused. Mike picked up his book, gave his friends a peace sign, and jumped in his seat.


He sat down and looked at his book. "All You Need To Know About, PLATE TECTONICS".  A bright light flickered on the other side of the room and it made Mike look up. After Mike figured out it was the sun reflecting off the opening door, and went back to reading his book When Mike looked back down he saw a book. It was titled: "The Dead Book". Without hesitating he studied it. He flipped open the book after reading the back and began reading. He read quickly through 5 pages when he realized he was tired and it was getting darker out. Mike shut his eyes for a second, and everything went blank from there...

Mike started dreaming about war. Air raids, and close combat, explosions and gunshots, and the sound of dying people, and he remembered the book he once read. The best book ever, "Diary Of Pain". Typical dreams for any 14 year-old that loved war, and then he started dreaming about books. The book he was just reading popped into his dream. Then he saw something, he saw a ghost knocking over a bookshelf. Before the bookshelf hit the ground he woke up to the sound of splintering wood. He jumped out of his seat and stood up. He had to catch his balance because he almost jumped through the ceiling. One moment he was sleeping, dreaming, thinking, and the other he was jumping out of his seat, practically having a heart attack because of the noise. Woken up in an instant, but that was uncommon, Mike was a heavy sleeper, practically impossible to wake up. One time he was sleeping and the transformer in front of his house exploded. The whole town had awakened from what was practically the dead, but Mike never opened an eye, not once. When he woke up he noticed the library was dark. And he couldn't see where the noise came from either. Mike knew the library in and out, the whole shebang, so it wasn't a problem locating the light switches. Mike, to have fun, did his Matrix move and moved his feet to look like he was gliding. He had to find someway to amuse himself, and that was it. He did a move where he moved backwards sailing across the lobby and right into the light switches, turning all of them up in one flip. He thought to himself that he was amazing, but he was not. But he noticed the lights didn't turn on. He knew something was wrong, and ran through the first set of doors in the lobby and across to the second that were leading outside. But they didn't open. They were locked from the outside, and Mike didn't have a key. But a key wouldn't have helped anyway. He went around checking all the windows and doors located other places but they were all locked. So Mike went back to the lobby and Waited by the doors, where the feint moonlight was shining through, shining off the shiny tiled floor that was covered in gum. Mike reached into his pocket and dug around for his cell phone until he found it, got a firm grip, and pulled it out. He held it out and flipped it open. The screen was black and at the top it said "No Battery". Mike was angry; he knew his phone was fully charged. He walked across the hall to the payphone, which magically disappeared.

Mike sprinted for the main desk inside and reached over for the phone. He picked up the receiver and held it to his ear and dialed his house number. The keys beeped as he pressed them. He stopped and the phone started ringing. "Hello" his mom said.

"Hey, can you come pick me up, its Mike" Mike replied firmly

"Okay" his mom said and hung up.

Mike went back to get his stuff when he realized that a bookshelf fell over in the room that leads to the bathrooms. "That what I heard!" Mike said to himself. When Mike walked into the room he wanted to see if the lights worked. He flipped the single switch and the whole room quickly lit up. "Yes, the lights work!" Mike said while jumping with joy. It was cold in the library, it's the middle of winter and with a sweatshirt on, Mike was still freezing. Ms Schaffer must have turned off the heat for the night. Mike checked his pockets. He found a lighter in his left pocket, which was surprising because he never had one or took one. He pulled the lighter out of his pocket just as a cold chill blew over his body, right the skin and down to the bone. Mike shivered to get all the cold out of his bones and decided to make a fire because he could not last anymore, He wanted warmth and he wanted it now. Mike ran over to the broken bookcase and picked up a book. He flicked the lighter on and watched the flame grow, and then drew the book closer, until the whole thing caught fire and burst into flame. Mike dropped the book and put more books on. The fire grew and grew until it was at least 3 feet high. The bookcase had split into long, thick, pieces of wood, so Mike threw that on the books, hoping it would catch and burn and the fire would last loner and be warmer. Now he a nice, neat little fire in the library to keep warm, and occupied him with something to do and watch. Mike felt so dumb at that point he didn't want to move away from the fire before he did something else that was stupid. He warmed up for about 5 minutes and set off into the dark world of books and dictionaries, newspapers, magazines, and thesauruses. Mike was not in panic mode, but felt very stupid, cold, and lonely. Mike raced to the front door, his heart beating heavily, thinking his mom would be there but nobody was there. He waited and waited,  but still no mom. He sat still on the cold hard floor waiting some more when he heard footsteps. Mike stood up, confused in all, and looked right into the library. His eyes finally adjusted to the dark and he could finally see better now. He started walking to the room with the fire, to get warm and feel safer, when a strong wind hit him, like somebody ran by him. Mike stopped, planted his feet on the carpet, and curled his right hand into the shape of a fist, cleared his throat and yelled "Whose there!" There was no answer. Dead Silence. The footsteps started again, somebody was walking around, they were getting faster and faster until. Silence. Mike got the feeling someone was facing him. He held his hand out and waited for something to touch it. No, that's not what happened. Instead a face jumped out and screamed. When Mike caught eye of the figure, he was scared. It was, it was, a ghost. Nothing he had ever seen in his life. And now he was face to face with one. Mike had thought it was a ghost, and his gut feeling confirmed it. Mike ran back to the door, hoping his mom was there, but there was still nobody. Mike was now really scared, and cold. Mike quickly ran back to the room with the lights, avoiding the ghost, hoping he would be safe. He sat by the fire he made, and Mike threw more books and wood onto the fire and sat close to get warm. Mike assumed he was spending the night, so he planned to build a bed. He found cushions on chairs and ripped them out and laid them flat on the ground. Mike saved the wood for the fire and after he took 5 chairs apart he was really tired. The curtains made a loud rip sound as he pulled them off the holder above the window. He planed on using them as a blanket. Mikes stomach rumbled and he automatically knew he was hungry. Out of nowhere a rabbit appeared. Mike knew what he had to do. Kill it. Slaughter it and bulk up on fresh rabbit. He grabbed the nearest, sharpest piece of wood and lunged it at the innocent, unaware rabbit. The wood stuck the rabbit in the stomach and sliced right through the fur and about 3 in into the flesh and bone. Blood was squirting everywhere and gut was hanging out as Mike neared the dead rabbit. Mike grabbed the rabbit and brought it back to his bed. Somehow, Mike found a knife and a 5-piece mess it (pots and pans) lying on his bed. He was confused because he didn't know where it came from, but he didn't care, he was too hungry. He grabbed the pot and jogged to he bathroom to fill it up with water and came back and picked up the razor-sharp knife. The fire crackled as he left the pot over it. Mike opened the knife and cut off all the fur on the rabbit, the tail, and cut out the guts, and internal organs. He threw those in the toilet and flushed it, making sure the nasty parts were gone. Now all that was left of the rabbit was the bones and meat. The water was finally at a boil and Mike threw the rabbit in to boil and left a little meat to fry. Now mike had to wait for the rabbit to cook. So he went to see whatever the ghost was doing. It was pitch black in the library when a white figure moved in the back. Mike approached the back and managed to read a sign that said "Horror."  He did not want to go on so he turned around and started walking. All of a sudden "Bam," Mike hit something and fell to the ground. Mike thought he hit a wall but when he looked up, he knew he was clearly wrong. It was a big, fat, and tall white figure. And then it disappeared. Mike was confused, and then he heard his stomach grumble, reminding him of the rabbit. He ran back, and the rabbit was done. He warmed up by the fire while he ate the excellent tasting rabbit. He stuffed himself, and used up all his energy, and then fell asleep. He woke up the next day to the sound of the fire. He walked around to the windows and looked out. It was sunny and snowing, with slight dark clouds to the west. That means that it was going to snow heavily in the next 10 hours or so. Mike turned around and saw the book he was reading on the same exact table. Except it was on the wrong page of what he was reading before. It was on a page with a picture of a ghost on it. When Mike put the book down he saw something in his face and slightly stepped back. But the chair he was sitting in got stuck and he fell back in the old wooden chair he was sitting in. "Hi, I'm Ghostly " the mysterious blur shouted

"Ok, what are you even doing here?" Mike exclaimed in confusion. Mike heard no answer and focused on the cold birds chirping for help outside. Mike asked where the ghostly was from.

"I'm from the book" ghostly said pointing"

"But why are you here?" Mike announced in confusion.

"I'm here to help you!" the Ghostly replied. "You were the only one to read this book, but then you got locked in so I decided to help." Ghostly said.

"But why me?" Mike asked.

"You were the one, the chosen one, the first reader," Ghostly announced.

Mike was confused again. Just because he reads the book the characters come and help him? "That's weird", Mike thought.  At that moment Ms. Schaffer arrived, so Mike took the book and his stuff and hid behind the wall. Mike heard a click and all the lights went on. "Damn!" Mike said under his breath. Mike knew he was in trouble if he got caught. He waited for Ms Schaffer to find the fire and see why there was one indoors. But no fire. Mike darted out of the library and ran home as fast as he could. Ms Schaffer didn't catch him, but Mike got scared when a cop car, ambulance, and two fire trucks drove down his street with their sirens blaring, towards the direction of the library. When Mike got home, he had forgotten about the ghost and the book until he sat on his bed and saw the book on his desk. The book somehow followed him home. Mike ran downstairs with the lighter, and down the block to the woods. Mike knew the woods by heart and could never get lost. He ran in, crossed over the small creek, took a quick right turn and followed the trail. Soon enough he was at the island, he called it "PT Island" but others called it "Gilligan's Island" He already had a fire pit dug from previous fires, so he threw in some hay, leaves, and small sticks. Mike flicked the lighter on and pushed it closer to the book. The book caught fire and relieved Mike of all his feelings. The book was finally destroyed. Mike waited for the fire to go out and threw the book in the river. Once it floated far enough down river, out of Mikes sight, mike left and walked back home. He started his slow walk on the narrow dirt path. It was sunset now and it was slightly snowing. The 50 ft trees were waiting for him to come by, the frogs waiting for him to cross the creek, and his bed, waiting for nightfall to give him a comfortable place to sleep.

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