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Daniel Solomon is a 24 year old college drop out living in a quiet suburb in the year 1991. His parents and baby sister were killed when he was only ten so up until now he’s led a very despaired and lonely life. The only three people who care about him at this time are his therapist, best friend, and Ex-girlfreind.
One night he’s fishing on lake Kamali when he witnesses a large sphere fall from the sky and into the woods. When he investigates he winds up leaving the crash site with more than he bargained for, a small alien.
For the next year, daniel is subjected to the will of this creature who is able to telepathically communicate with him. The small creature dictates orders from the basement where he stays, too injured to move. His goal is to gather information about the worlds governments and militaries in the eventual plan to return with reinforcements for an all out take-over.
On the other side of the spectrum is Mr. Black and his Clean-Up Crew. This organization is for the purpose of irradicating national security threats and has absolutely no concrete ruler or congressional oversight. Its run by a gentlemen who was there at the beginning of the cold war when he ran several groups of “psychic warriors” to carry out espianage against the Red State.
Soon, we find that daniel himself begins to change, from inside out. And what we thought was a plan by the alien to force daniel into gathering information about his planet, in fact turns into a far more elaborate and dangerous scheme. But a scheme where Daniel is the only key.
The alien does allows daniel one great pleasure. Everyday he is allowed to view television broadcasts from his planets future up the year 2012 and only for 15 seconds a channel.
This lonely and isolated man in middle america is caught between two very powerful forces. All of which are in total control of daniels life and who are both desperately seeking answers. Daniel is not one to take things lying down when cornered, he has questions of his own. In the end we find that daniel had the answers to the worlds salvation the entire time and everything may turn out ok, but not without losing everything he held dear… including his sanity.

Table of Contents

A Distant Light

1991 The lake was completely still except for a lone fish jumping free from the surface somewhere in the distance. I remember thinkin... Read Chapter

The Begining of Realization

But I did anyways. Slouching in the tiny chair was a gray creature the size of a toddler. Only its head was extremely large and its ... Read Chapter

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