Rocky Mountain High (RMH)

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It's Ron's first day on the job. How do you think it'll go down?

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011



I strap on my hat, fit into my jumpsuit, and apply the fancy badges I've just earned. Four years of intensive training, and staying up late drinking coffee cramming, and I've achieved my life long goal: to be a pilot. When lots of kids say they want to fly planes when they grow up, its a passing phase that lasts about a week, and then they decide to become a fireman. I've stuck with this goal for all 25 years of my life, and now I'm finally strapping behind the wheel of a boeing 707. The best part, my best friend and study-buddy, Tony, is my co-pilot on our maiden voyage. It's just a passenger flight from Denver to Phoenix, but to me, it's the first chapter of my life.

I enter the plane, and check the time. According to my watch, it's 3:15, 15 minutes til take-off. 5 minutes later, Tony finally shows up.

"Dude, where have you been?" I say. "We're ten minutes away from departure!"

"Chill. I just overslept. Not a problem." Tony replies, and then explodes into a fit of coughing

"You alright? You sound like you just swallowed 30 nails at once." I infer.

"No, just under the weather. Hey, it's 3:32, we better get going!"

I feel my adrenaline rush to a level I've never known as I taxi the plane out to the runway. This is an important flight to me for a personal reason, too. My fiancé, Ellie, and the big boss of the airplane company, are on this flight.I flip on my intercom, and introduce myself to the passengers.

"Goodafternoon and welcome tothe flight. I'm Ron, I'll be your pilot, and Tony will be my co-pilot. If you have any questions or concerns, ask a stewardess, or my wife Ellie, who's in the veryfirst row in a redshirt and jeans. I hope you enjoy the flight!"

You have no idea how powerful saying that just made me feel.

"Hey, Ron, you're clear for takeoff. Good luck buddy" radios the airway monitor person, and I speed the plane down the runway.

The plane takes off, and I get the feeling of weightlessness I've waited to feel for four long years. Me and Tony exchange high fives, and I notice his coughing fit continues. Something isn't right with the poor guy. I just wish I could figure out once. I've never seen him like thisbefore....

"This is tower, you doing okay?" radiosthe flight monitorTodd, another close friend.

"I'm fine and the plane's doin' good, but Tony doesn't look too hot.." I reply "I can't figure out what it is either."

"Well, if he's conscious and doing his job, who the hell cares?"

"Uh, me! He's my employee, and my best friend. If he misses a switch or something, my job is on the line"

"Whatever. Just fly the plane, and make sure no terrorists hijack you, even though that would be hiLARIOUS!"

I think the flight's going pretty well. The stewardesses haven't nothing to complain about yet, so apparently the passengers haven't done anything auspicious. I feel like I know exactly what I'm doing, I guess the four years I spent preparing were well worth it. About callingEllie into the cockpit a few times, and eventually, I announced over the loudspeaker for her to come in.

"Hey, enjoying the flight so far Ellie?" I say once she arrives. Its hard to focus on flying when she's around, it's hard to take me eyes off her.

"Having fun, even though they're really isn't that much to do when you're 9000 feet above the nearest spa" she retorts "I'm so proud of you baby, you must be just as impressed as I am."

"Believe me, I am. This is my dream come true.HEY TONY! We're almost done with our first job! Fuck yeeeeeah!"

"Uhhh, cool." Tony replies.

He definitely isn't feeling right. His face has been turning paler and paler the whole flight, and his coughing has kept going. I'm pretty worried.Suddenly, he passes out on his seat, and a little bag of green falls out of his pocket. I pick it up, and instantly realize what it is; marijuana.

"Oh my god! Ron you have to do something!"Ellie shrieks.

"I'm gonna search him. Make sure he has no more left." I say assuringly. "We're gonna be fine."

Still totally shocked, I slowly shift Tony over to search through his other pockets. I find three more bags filled to the brim, and a few thousand dollars. He's going to get even more! I go to look in his back pocket, but suddenly, he jolts awake.

"What the hell are you doing man? We're flying a plane!" he hollers at me.

"I should be saying that to you!" and I show him the bag of weed.

"That, that's noooothing man. Relax."

"Tony! You can't be serious! You got on MY plane under the influence?! Not cool man, not cool." I throw the bag into his face.

"I only had a little, just a fewjoints." He retorts.

"Well save it for when you aren't flyingplanes with hundreds of people on them!"

"Chill. Nobody's deadyet."

For about five minutes, we sit there in silence. I can't believe what just happened to me,my best friend got highon my first flight. What he does off duty is fine, butgetting highand pulling a Charlie Sheen right before flying is over the top.

"Stupid idiot." I mutter under my breath. Apparently, I didn't say it quiet enough though, and Tony whips his head around and gives me a look as cold as my ex girlfriend's heart.

"That's it man. Don't screw with me like that!" Before I know it, he leapsout of his seat, pulls a razor sharp dagger out of his pocket, and growls.

"Dude, what's gotten into you? Calm down!" I try to cool him down a bit.

"Don't tell me what to do!" he snarls. "This isn't your plane, you dick."

"Actually, it is. So just sit back down, do your job, and I'll let this slide. Just don't. Use. That. Knife."

It's too late to reason with him. His drug enduced anger has gotten the better of him. The cockpit is as silent and eerie as a bank being robbed. Tony glances around the room, wondering what to do next. Suddenly, his icy cold stare catches my eyes.

"YOU! You nosy bastard, poking around my pockets while I sleep. You'll pay!" He screams

For the first time in my life, Ifeel totally trepidated. My life flashes before my eyes like something out of a cheesey horror movie. He aims his dagger at my face. I shut my eyes, hoping it will make the knife disappear. I hear him holler, and throw the knife. But, it doesn't hit me. I open my eyes to something even more horrifying. My fiancé. Impaled with the dagger of my best friend. Dying on the floor of my plane. Before I know it, the blood of my love has stained the carpet of my plane. I realize then that there's no saving her, I just have to focus on keeping myself alive.

I wrestle Tony to the ground, and in the moment of triumph where I rip the dagger from his hand, I realize what's just happened.... I'm so lost in my emotions that I forget about the plane, and my job that I had been waiting to have for four years.

I look up, and see the Rocky Mountains getting closer and closer.

Somewhat anticipating impact, I sit and wait.

Suddenly, I think "I could probably have saved hundreds of people today."

But I didn't.

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