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When a group of children have to leave their homes and get away to Cordiban they run into trouble...

Trev, Jo and the pack have to get to Cordiban before they're captured and tortured into tellling...

An original short story constructed by Tyler Jlm.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



It's about 7pm. The sun is setting over the lake, the refection brings out the emrald green eyes of a tall teen male. He is stood watching the sun set over the horizan. His sea green jacket makes him blend in with the tall grass. He bends down to sort out his thin laces, as he rises again the sun is gone. He sighs and goes to sit down. He takes turns around and walks up a slop to a large silk tent. Pouring out of it is crates and suitcases with weapons and bottles sitting amoungst it all. A blonde woman is their. He greets her and picks up a silver canister and sips some hot tea. It makes he sigh, again. The blonde is rather beautiful. In a sexy kind-of way. She is wearing a clean t-shirt with appears to be a v-neck. She has a fois jacket wrapped around her waste. She stumbles and flicks her locks towards the trees as a small group of 4 teens stagger towards them. Each one is injured, some minor others major. As if they just fought in a war, the male sprints towards them and hugs the leader of the pack. The leader has dirty black hair. Its scruffy and messy but suits him. His is wearing clothes similar to the rest. Trousers, shirt and jacket. His shirt along with the others if either a lighter of darker shade of their jackets. His is faint red, his shirt is a much darker shade. More of a crimson kind of red. In his belt which works like a seat-belt in an old car is a tucked away machette. It has a clear silver blade with a sharp edge for slicing. It has a wierd stain on it, blood.

The group put down their leather backpacks and weapons when the blond girl notices that somebody is missing. A dark hair male, with black hipster like glasses notices her and tries not to make eye contact as he takes off his violet jacket and folds it up to place in a suitcase. "Where...." she is shussed by the glassed boy. "Don't." he says finally making eye contact. He has dark brown eyes which brings out a gash on his neck. He places some kind of oil on it, intelligent boy. The blonde stands up and everybody immedientley sits their and stares. "Sit down." he says. She ignores him, her face goes red.
"Where is Sue." she says it loudly and waits for a reply.
"Jo, don't." says the glassed male. He grips her arm, she struggles but loosens his tight grip.
"Stop it Kevin." she is serious now. A dark skinned girl who has short shoulder length hair speaks, her voice is shy but demmanding.
"Captured, they took her." she says as she rises to comfort Jo. Turning over to Kevin his face goes pale and a tear runs down his face, clearly Sue meant something to him. There is a pause of silence before Jo drops down. "How, why." her tears fall down what was once a rosy bright face. Now its a pale sick color. The leader of the pack opens his backpack which alerts Jo. Inside he pulls out a long blood covered dagger. Its ellegent and has a nice black grip the bottom has a large gem on it. Jo snatches it and holds it tight, "Its hers, Susan's dagger." this makes her cry more. Kevin goes over to hold Jo. His tears drip down the dagger and onto the begginning boys boot.
"When." he has a sharp voice, but it isn't immtimadating. "When." he repeats in the same tone. The leader speaks, in the same tone at the same speed. "Last night, he continues to speak. We were collecting wheat at a farm few miles away when a group of them came. We tried to run but they came from all angles we took out a couple of them but one of them knocked her down." She managed to stab her attack, but." there is a long pause. The curls in his fringe go over his face as he nods, wanting to hear more. As he carries on about how they knocked her out and through in a smoke bomb, hence the injuries they managed to smoke away with Susan they all fall silent. The only thing heard is a small cricked jumping from crate to crate.
"Smoke?" Jo asks. Finally wiping away her tears.
The dark skinned girl speaks, as she finishes tying her hair up. "They can...dissapear, into a cloud of smoke. Rather heard to explain." this makes Jo's eye brow rise. "Trev." says the leader in an attempt to change the subject. Trev is the first male we met, he looks up as he sorts out his fringe. "Food?" says the leader. "Hey, Lana. Help?" he says to the dark skinned girl. "Help?" he says. The two of them open a small crate which the final pack member was sat on. The final member was fairly small but had paddded black armour under their sunset yellow jacket with two daggers strapped into it. She also has another dagger next to her. Clearly a warrior. Inside the crate Trev and Lana pick up a bow and crossbow as well as two leather quivers filled with arrows. The crate also contains a hammer and sticks. They close the crate and pass the tent heading into the forest. Lana begins to climb up a tall tree. Its not a oak but has the bark kind, it also has the monkey puzzle appeal to it. The two move it in attempt to catch some game.

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