Today, I want to die every second I stand still. Want to burn every step I walk. I just need sleep

Kinda done with rhyming for today. Done with a lot today actually. These stupid games people are playing with me aren't fun. Arrive home and the old lady, she screams in my head still and made me brake my lamp. The gettlemen whispering \"fuck your day\" put a hole in my wall. Kids constantly crying, bruised my fists and scarred the side of my cheek. My bed, scattered across my room. Haven't been sleeping anyways. I'm no longer going insane. I'm falling down a hole I dug up long ago and when I feel the bottom, that's when I dig. Thanks for asking how my day was but realize you force me to lie when you do. I'll say I'm alright. I'll say I'm okay. Getting through and I'm not scared. But life really couldn't be better. I'm reminded of that every time I wake up. Everytime I arrive home. Same day. Same struggles but everyday, always worse with silver linings. The silver linings are illustration of what could be. I'm sick of visions of what could. Ignore tomorrow. Ignore yesterday. Drag my feet through today. Can't wait till my scales flip. I'll be singing another tune. Till then, tick tick tick. click, click, click.

Submitted: June 24, 2015

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