Stripped from love

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My relationship is over with the women I've loved more than anyone on this earth because I have a dark sense of humor and because she looked to closely at my writing and tried her best to think it was all about her. She doesn't get the fiction in some of my writing. And for that, I'm now left affectionless

Submitted: December 12, 2015

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Submitted: December 12, 2015



I have never been so scrutinized. Looked right in the face and then she lied about all our past and then cut all ties. One moment your here, the next, vaporized. Wake up early in the morning just to sacrifice some sleep that I can't get through exausted eyes. I was judged for my humor and victimized. But now it's all over I see I'm truly wise. Kept my head together through her pathetic sighs. One last fraud to hear. Pointless cries. But if she wants, there are many ruthless guys to snatch her innocence to get to her beautiful thighs. Just hope the next one will love my lows and highs.

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