Kasai's Backstory

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This is the back story to one of the main 10 people from my book series. It is based on the Naruto series but i use my own characters and settings, I do reference the original series.

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



"Hello, Kasai-san; warrior of the flame." Said a strange voice.

"Why don't you show yourself, are you afraid of me?" I asked.

“Heh no nothing like that, I stay hidden so that your answers will not be biased to please me." The voice explained.

“I do not change to please anyone, my parents tried to make me their ideal child and all that did is get them killed." I said.

“You killed your parents, very good indeed. Are you of a blood line?" Asked the voice becoming more interested in me with each of my responses.

"Well My family...

“A booming voice is heard in the distance.

“All new academy graduates must report to the training field for their squad assignments." Boomed the distant voice.

"Okina Hono-sun are you nervous about getting your assignment?" I asked my older brother with a smile.

"Not really Kasai-kun. I have trained my whole life for this day. Shizune-sensi said I will be in her squad that means I'll be sent out on missions to assist the Shanchos and even the Sekai Tekina... I will return home when I can to help teach you with the ways of the Bijon." My older brother said smiling.

"You promise Okina Hono-sun? I don't want to lose you." I said almost crying.

"(My brother laughed and put me on his shoulders.) I promise Kasai-kun." my brother said.

"Ok!" I said smiling and laughing...

“Squad 9 has returned home." A booming voice said. I ran to the gates to meet my brother and show him that I mastered the Hono tsuisuta, he taught me before he left to escort Daijin Watarigarasu to the village hidden in the ocean.

"Shizune-sensi where is Okina Hono-sun?" I asked with unease.

“Kasai-kun I am afraid your brother died on the mission, we were ambushed by pirates and he stayed alone so we could continue to safety. He never caught up with the group. I am so sorry Kasai." Shizune said with a tear in her eye.

“HOW COULD YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE, WHY DID NO ONE GO BACK TO HIM, WHAAAAAAAAAA." I just started crying. Shizune-sensi tried to hug me but, I broke away and ran home. My parents weren't much help, they just cared about me going to school to be a medical ninja, even though I wanted to become a squad ninja and go on missions, not learn medicine.

" Kasai-sun you report to the medical academy tomorrow morning." Said my dad sitting on my bed.

“But dad I don't want to do medicine I want to be like Okina Hono-sun." I replied.

“You will do medicine Kasai-kun!" Dad shouted.

"Ok dad." I replied with unease. Later that night I woke up and crept up to my parent’s bedroom and walked in and started to uncover my eye. 

“Kasai-kun what are you doing we are your parents if you use the eye we will die." My dad shouted.

“Quiet! Yelling will not solve this!" Mom said to dad.

“Hono Bij-----"

"NO Kasai-kun don't kill us please we love you." My mom interrupted me and pleaded.

“Hono Bijon Dojutsu!" I shouted. My Eye turned fire red and the black flame surrounded my parents. You could see their skin melting off, and their blood evaporating instantly with such intense heat. They screamed in antagonizing pain as they burned. They tried everything they could to put out the fire but all was meaningless.

“You should have been supportive to me all my life instead of my enemy. The only person who cared about me was Okina Hono and he's gone, dead, off this planet and I never even got to say good bye to him. There's not even a body for me to have a funeral for. All you guys did was yell and torment me and even in my time of despair you still kept kicking me down. YOU DESERVE TO BURN IN HELL WHERE PEOPLE LIKE YOU BELONG!" I shouted. It lasted about an hour before nothing but their sheets and blankets remained. After the fire stopped I fainted. I woke up that morning and signed up for the ninja academy...

“Well my family is of the Inferuno clan." I said to the dark voice.

"Ah the famous Bijon eye." The voice said.

“Yes and I know how to use it very effectively." I said.

"Well Kasai Hono Inferuno-sun, welcome to The Uragiri." The voice said.


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