Kenko's Back story

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It is the back story of a main character in my book series. it is based on the Naruto show but its characters are used as a reference not main characters.

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



"Hello Kenko, you would like to apply for The Uragiri am I correct?" Asked the strange interviewer.

"Ye-yes I would very much so." I said trying to sound confident.

"Are you of a bloodline clan?" The voice asked.

" I am from the Fujiwara clan. A clan of doctors." I said.

" I have heard of your grandmother's work as a doctor in the Great wars. Healing millions of warriors with her sentatchi hiden jutsu. Have you acquired this jutsu?" He asked.

" Well before Sakura-sama died she taught me how to use it but...

" Hello Kenko-kun how are you today." Said Sakura to Kenko with an excited expression.

" Sakura-sama why are you so happy?" I asked with a smile."

" I convinced your mother to let me teach you medical ninjutsu." She said with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

" Really, I-I-I um I can't wait. All I want to do is follow in your foot steps and heal people, I don't want to hurt anyone ever. I want to one day be the best medical ninja in the world! I exclaimed.

" Haha and what makes you think you can do all that Kenko-kun."

"Well I um I um um.." I was stunned by this remark.

"Oh Kenko-kun I didn't mean it, I believe you will reach your dreams in no time, you work hard and if it is what you truly want in your heart then you will accomplish it. You have your father’s ambition, you also received his hiden jutsu. I cannot do it so I will teach you it..."

"... but, I didn't finish my training before Sakura-sama passed away, I can do it but, not for a long enough period to do surgeries."I said. After that response there was a long pause before the voice answered.

"I see you passed the ninja academy with a next to perfect score, however; I see you have not killed anyone." The voice replied.

" I don't want to hurt anyone, I want to join your organization to help you guys kill off the world of people who do not deserve to live. All through the academy people tortured me, I'd try to fight back but I could never get myself to cause pain to them. I couldn't kill them so I could at least use my talents to help you guys kill them." I said nervously.

" I will allow you in if you can win in a fight against are genjutsu dummy." He said sternly.

" I-I-I...." before I could finish the dummy appeared. I got up and ran out onto a field of flat stone with no place to run or hide. So I quickly activated fukashi ninjutsu and went invisible. I ran to the far corner, all I could think is that I am going to die. As it walked next to me sniffing the air to try and find me; I grabbed its arm and shouted sentatchi hiden jutsu! And saw its central nervous system. I pointed my fingers in its weak points and the dummy feel on the ground unable to do anything but whimper. I felt so bad for it I started to cry but then remember where I was so I hid it hoping the guy didn't notice.

I walked back to the room and took my seat.

"Welcome To Ruggeri Kenko-san." He said.

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