Kikka's Back Story

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The back story of one of the main characters of the book series I am writing. It is a based on the idea of the Naruto series but my own original characters. The back stories will talk about characters from the series but they are not main people just use as references.

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



Hello. My name is Kikka Lee. Grandson of Rock Lee-sama. I master hand to hand combat. I joined the Uragiri as an errand boy. My lighting fast speeds make me an ideal errand boy. I have only got to go on missions to be a messenger. I hope to one day earn my keep and rank up. I am an orphan now ever since Rock Lee-sama died. No one would miss me if I died. So I better make the best of how my life is now. I run every day to keep fit and keep my speed. I want to one day over rank Kasia-kun. Right now Mori-sama is my only true friend. I can send all my chakra to my feet and do a kick powerful enough to dent Mount Everest. There would be a terrible draw back. I would most likely smash my foot. Making me never walk again. So I must not use it unless die stakes is at hand. I can also extend any body part up to 6 feet. I may just be an intern. One day I will be an official member. Mori-sama says he will train me. I will train hard to become strong. By now. I have to get the group ramen.

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