Ningyo Back Story

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The back story of one of the main characters of the book series I am writing. It is a based on the idea of the Naruto series but my own original characters. The back stories will talk about characters from the series but they are not main people just use as references.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



Let’s start from the very beginning shall we. First off I'm Ningyo Ebizo, twin brother of Sasori Ebizo. Sasori becameAkasuna no Sasori or, Sasori of the Red Sand. I became Akasuna Kara Ningyo Kira or, Killer Puppet From The Red Sand. Together we were feared as Akai Suna Kara Ani Ototo or, Brothers From The Red Sand. We were feared throughout the south, many villages didn't even dare to send teams to attack us, they knew it'd just be manslaughter for their own people. When we were together we could destroy an entire village within one day. With such power there was a downside, we would drain to much chakra and almost drain ourselves to death. I found a way to stop that.

"Sasori-kun I found a way to protect out age. We would stop aging." I said.

"How."Sasori replied.

"I could turn you into a human puppet, put your soul into a puppet and, you will never age." I explained.

"Sounds interesting." He said.

"I'll make you one." I said.

"What about you brother?" He asked.

"I would lose my Kugutsu Shinboru, I can't risk losing it." I said with upmost seriousness.

“That is a good mark that helps greatly, being able to use puppets with your brain alone, no need for strings." Said Sasori.

“It is why I'm so powerful. The mark, plus your expertise in poison." I said complementing my brother.

"Oh brother I made you a new puppet one the copies the scorpion. I thought if you coated the tip in your poison you could kill with just a simple cut. It is also made to withstand very powerful attacks." I said leading him to the puppet.

"Sounds interesting." He replied.

"You stand inside it and can see out its entire head but, no one can see inside the puppet allowing you to do surprise attacks even with the strings. The down side is that it can't move very fast." I said.

"Very small set back." He said without hesitation.

"Here it is, his name is Hiruko." I said.

"It's giant Ningyo-kun." He said.

"I told you Sasori." I said. As time went on he learned to use his new puppet with great ease. The hidden sand village sent Kankuro to defeat Sasori but, my puppet exceeded expectations and beat him with great ease. Sasori designed me 3 puppets to use, ones that really let me use my Kugutsu Shinboru to its fullest. One is designed for all out attacks full of traps and surprises. The other two are made to just cut, trap, or immobilize opponents. I learned my own technique with them, trap them in a ball of the puppets and send out one million microscopic poison darts in under 50seconds. They are small so that even quick ninjas can't dodge them; they can puncture organs and infect the body quickly, and can be shot very very quickly. If one single dart hits the person becomes paralyzed and dies within 48 hours, very painfully and slowly. The poison formula is so complex not even Sasori could recreate it.

I was unbeatable and I thought Sasori was but, there was that one day. The day Sasori was murdered by a ninja from the leaf village. Sakura was her name, a name that I will never forget. She wasn't alone it was also Chiyo-sama. Chiyo died so I didn't have to kill her but, I still wanted revenge on Sakura, she needed to pay for killing my brother. I tracked her down during the Great War. I grabbed her and took her to my underground liar.

"Where am I who are you?"Shouted Sakura.

"You are going to pay for killing Sasori!" I shouted reveling myself.

"You look exactly like Sasori! “Who are you?" She asked.

“You will hear my name; it will be the last thing you will ever hear in your life. I am Akasuna Kara Ningyo Kira Ebizo, The killer puppet from the red sand." I said and brought up Doku, my main puppet.

"Please let me go, killing me won't bring your brother back!" She pleaded

"Exactly, but you killed him! Therefore you marked your death by my hands!"I shouted.

“DOKUYA JUTSU!" I shouted as a dart shoots out right in Sakura's heart. Blood gushes out as she gasps for breath.

"In about 5 minutes you will feel every little place every drop of poison touches, your muscles will melt and your nerves will explode, then in 48 hours when every piece of your internal body is gone that won't kill you, the poison will fill in the synapses of your brain, killing you."I said smiling. Sakura screams in pain unable to move. I just kept laughing, finally getting revenge for my brother. I left and dug a hole, I then went back picked up Sakura and threw her in hole, burying her while she still screamed in pain, I then buried her alive.

After that I was thinking about how all people do is kill each other. .maybe if I get a group of strong killers I can rule the North and become the world leader. Then I can have killed all ninja's and only the innocent peasants will live. The ones who never killed anyone for rank or, killed the innocent. This is my goal; it is my reason to live…

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