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This is the tale of the typical female scare. In which I know all too well.

Submitted: January 17, 2007

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Submitted: January 17, 2007



She was 5'7 135 pds, her measurments were somethingto be announced.Hair black and long, eyelashes thick and strong,hadeyes that any man could gaze into all 24's long.But today was a different from the rest ,when normally she'd be struttin her stuff on the weekends, and giving her lovers the best of her.No today she'd be devoting her time and her body to an EPT test. When it only seemed like yesterday, she was having the best SEX of her lifetime. If only the clocks could rewind, she would have sat and took the time, to make sure he put on'That Hat'. To make matters worse,she couldn'tpoint out the villian, for she was an aspiring actor and this would possibly ruin her descisions. It's 11:00 in the morning, and she's bent over the toilet,knees buckling, blood pressure rushing, trying to urniate straight to get the most accurate results,and not make another mistake. She takes a deepbreath,sits down,and let's time do the rest. Tick Tock,1 minutegoes by as she sits and thinks of all dreams that woulddie. Oh!,and her beautiful shape,and what about her beautiful face, that was about to be replaced for a much more uncomfortable, bloated,agonizing 9 months of rage.TICK TOCK, another 3 minutes go upthe clock, at this point she's feelinglike her hearts about to stop. Whatwas shegoing to do, if the results came true, that she was goingto be a mommy with nocollege degree. What would she tell her parents who had so many plans for her. Audition after audition, they had her trying out for.One block away from thatmodeling contract, only 2 throw it all away,for breast pads and similac, diapers and a bad back! FINANALLY THROUGH ALL HER THINKING,HER SUPRISE HAD ARRIVED.She picks up the test, closesher eyes and take One Last Deep Breath, opens them, and to an uncertain surprise she....WASN'T......WHEWH THANK GOD.

But the nexttime that she'dlet anyone between her thighs, and Ladies, let's keep this as a little reminder..."KEEP YOUR PANTIES ON!!!!!!!!

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