King of Yellow Seas

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I had to write a narrative poem for English class. The subjects we could choose from were a list of odd newspaper titles. I chose 'My toilet is possessed by Satan!"

Submitted: June 01, 2009

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Submitted: June 01, 2009



I heard a sound one fateful night

About thirteen passed two;

A gurgling sound of hellish fright

Came from within the loo.

I pulled the sheets up to my brow

To hide the horrid voice

But still it yelled “Hear now my vow,

To rob thee from all choice.”

I found gumption within my head

I jumped from bed to floor.

Towards the privy, my feet led.

I squeaked open the door.

An anarchy of darting wastes

Were piled under the seat

It smiled at me with rotting pastes

A ghastly, corrupt feat.

I asked, “What is this curs-ed thing?

Which hides within the john?

He hides within the unwashed ring,

The dev’lish, selfish con!”

Laughing a laugh of horrid rage,

He cried, “You peasant fool,

You recognize not, slaving page,

The great almighty Zuul!”

A quick image flashed through the pool:

A retro eighties film.

“There is no Peter, only Zuul,”

I screamed like fallen elm.

He roared with sudden evil mirth,

“Aha, I have you now.

Send me down deep, within the earth,

To human secrets, cow!

If I return with human hoard

Of human war and gun.

Not one in hell shall stand opposed,”

He yelled without a pun.

I felt compelled without restraint

To follow this dark deed

And who were I to stop this saint

From that which he did need?

With shaking hand my hand reached forth

To place aboard the cord

When I pressed down, the ill – thenceforth,

Swirling into the gourd.

As I let go, downward he twirled

I laughed with simple ease,

“A flush to hell I think you’re hurled

My King of yellow seas.”

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