The Jester Sang to the Queen

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Submitted: September 21, 2018

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Submitted: September 21, 2018



Do you remember,
When we saw
Our first film?
How I, the fool,
And you, the queen,
Sat there?
What a moment
To sit with my arm
Around you,
At your highness'
Insistence, no less.
I never thought
A queen
Would ever ask
A fool
To do such a thing
And so subtlety,

At that.
Do remember afterwards?
How it felt?
How right it was?
As if it were meant to be?
Us laughing
Us enjoying each other's company.
As if
We had known each other
Do you remember

When you looked

into my eyes

And you said

You got butterflies?

I was so happy

I felt the same way.

So I'll keep the memories.
As those will last me Forever,


In the end,
The fool
Is but a jester,
And the queen
Is royalty,
And what we had
Was never
Meant to be.

So I will keep singing

And joking,

While you sit

Atop your throne,



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