Trust is a crime

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

basically its about a group of friends that become enimies and couples.

Trust Is A Crime....

The day I started school and till now it was always hard to trust people. I don’t know why but for some reason it was hard for me and I thought it would be different with these certain people Jack, Jill, Jen, Jenny,Tom,Thomas and Me. We were all like a family there were two sets of couples Jen and Thomas and Jack and Me we were great couples but better friends. But, of course I should of just stuck with my instincts that they were the same as everybody else.

Most of the days we would call each other brothers and sisters or by our names but if it was a couple thing you had a different name. Tom was our nephew and jenny she had all kinds of names pit bull, Don king, It and others.

“Hey sis.”


“what up bro”

“what up”

That’s what we heard everyday single day or baby i love you or calling each other babe. bay. the little nick names they called each other and we called each other . We always use to have to sneak and kiss and they did to just because the teachers were so annoying about intimate couples trying to show love or passion for one or another which was really annoying but we didn’t care and neither did they. Jack: “baby I love you”

Me: “ love you to babe” as they lean in for a kiss BAM!!!!!!!! :Miss Toilet said ’s: “get away from her and no touching Jack go sit over there” Me: Omg miss Toilet can he please stay over here he won’t do nothing Miss Toilet: “ fine but switch seats girls on one side and boys on the other” Me: fine Jack: thank you miss Toilet Miss Toilet: whatever ( while rolling her eyes)

Okay like sorry just +because you can’t kiss no one don’t mean you

have to mess up our passion and love for each other like come on now you F N hater!

We use to pick each other up from each other house well the ones that lived near each other and sometimes well most of the time people didn’t care how far they were they would travel for there love which most of us did. But in some point I stop picking them up and just went straight to school and I just met them at the school and we chilled til it was time to go in side after doing the usual which was saying the school pledge and the actual pledge to the flag and then they would call classes to go inside to begin the day but anyway.....

Me( walk out the house and go pick up Jen and her little bro and sis and then her boo comes and picks up all of us.)

Me:What’s up Thomas Thomas: hey sis are they ready Me: almost Thomas: okay

Of course they went to school after everyone was ready and this was an everyday thing besides Sat. and Sun. because there was no school. But after a while everybody started to change there personality, who they like, there friends that they hung out with everyday went to people that someone in our group did not like which was purposely done which was the rude and the annoying part, all HELL broke loose people cheating on people. People using people just to make others jealous and mad. Which also people got hurt emotionally, physically, and mentally, and people were fighting for no reason. Shit most of the year there was tears and a little laughter if you were lucky but most of the time I was never lucky from my point of view I was the one that got hurt the most and cried the most. Me and Jack had problems but we were the more quiet ones we didn’t handle the arguing in school that was outside but we wasn’t as bad as Jen and Thomas, sometimes me and Jack would say F you but when it came to Jen and Thomas everybody heard and saw there problems and all you heard was :

Thomas: “F YOU B , F YOU!!!!!” and of course Jen replied as....... Jen:”F YOU 2 B, F YOU U 2!!!!!” and since they were really angry people had to hold them back even though I don’t think they would fight each other.

Damage must be done: Jen and Thomas were worst then me and Jack shoot they always tried to get back at each other even though me and Jack did to but I didn’t do it as much as Jack that’s why I thin i got hurt the most but whateva. Jen had a book that she use to right stories in that book which were sometimes inappropriate lmao but it was funny sort of. Put it like this she craved for someone one else and got what she wanted lol which that started some more conflicts Thomas was one of those person’s that did revenge but he started the problems between them first. But me and Jack it was different he did all the hurting and I did all the suffering I cried most of the times and felt bad I tried to get over him and everything but I managed but I was dumb and went back with him two more times after that because “we were really in love”. A.K.A That shit was fake all together. Well for him not for me I was Tricked but trust me when I say it was all these curse words that were in a book or you would put in a book from the five of us Tom was the most innocent in the group.

We all trusted each other for no damn reason and Tom and Jill were the tag-a-longs meaning they were there in the group but they were the single ones on and off with other people outside of our group. Which they complained about things that wasn’t as serious as Thomas and Jen and me and Jack but we listened because that’s how not close we were. But people in our group would say stuff to the others instead of there girlfriend and boyfriend which caused a lot of problems above but in some point people became friends again and some stayed enemies til this day. And the use to be couples became friends again on and off. The end or is it???

Submitted: June 10, 2011

© Copyright 2022 tyonna. All rights reserved.

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