A Love Unmatched

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After 3 long years...we finally get each other

Submitted: April 05, 2016

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Submitted: April 05, 2016



I walked into this trip with an entirely different outlook than any of our past trips.  For almost three years we have been respectful of everyone else, only depriving ourselves from completely giving ourselves to the relationship.  I have to be honest - there were plenty of times I did not think that we were going to make it, but we always found a way.  This past weekend made what I believed become my reality.  He is my everything - my biggest fan, my lover, my partner, my soul mate and my very best friend.


From the moment he showed up this weekend I felt complete.  I was happy and so ready to share him with my family and friends.  He allows me to be exactly who I am and loves me for it.  He fit right in and joked with my family.  They were all so warm towards each other.  It truly made my heart full.


Some of the smallest things we did made me the happiest; going to the store, playing cards, donut run for the family and watching baseball.  A man that enjoys the sport the way we do.  It was my own personal heaven. Better than all of that though?  Spending time with his mom and brother.  I have never felt so welcomed.  I am positive that his mother can see exactly what we feel.  She is like a constant hug and I love it.  The absolute best thing?  Falling asleep and waking up with him.  Never have I felt so warm, so safe and so loved.  He speaks to me without words; in a language that is only ours.  


With all of this said...I am so glad we had this time together.  Although I enjoy being with everyone else I am completely satisfied with the alone time moments we get.  Whether we are driving down the road, getting ready for bed or just sitting in the same room - he fulfills my every want, need and desire.


My head is spinning with the things we have coming up and all the firsts we will do together.  I love seeing him happy, I love seeing him grow, but most of all I love watching us take on the world together.  Our strength is unmatched.  I have never seen or experienced anything like it.  Yes, I am putting this in writing - I have found my life partner and I cannot wait for everyone to see us become one.

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