The difference Two.2.

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A love story.

Submitted: August 20, 2008

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Submitted: August 20, 2008



The two didn’t speak another word until about halfway up the mountain when Jess, murmured something that Kyle could fully hear.

“Excuse me?” he asked, genuinely interested in what she had to say.

“I was just wondering if you were mute or something?”

“Of course I’m not. I introduced myself didn’t I?”

All jess did was nod, and drop the topic. As they got higher up the mountain the two began to talk. Jesse had been annoyed that Kyle was so quite because she was anything but a quiet person, so she just began talking.

She started off with her full name, Jessica Marie Clayton. As Jess talked he just listened and rode. But when she began to talk about hr family he felt something he did not expect, and he could really name it.

“Dad and mom live in Texas, they’ve been married for almost thirty years. I’ll miss them a lot this summer. I lived with them until I was 18, and I have lived by my self for a year. I’m nineteen, I don’t know if I told you yet or not… did I?” She rambled

“No. You didn’t.” Kyle spoke while shaking his head. He could name the feeling by this point. Jealousy.

“Are you okay Kyle? You look… mad.” Jess observed as she watched Kyle’s facial expression change.

“Your family sounds nice.” Was all Kyle said, but Jess knew that there was something else. So this time instead of talking about herself, she asked him a question.

“What about you? Tell me about your family.”

Kyle didn’t know what to say, should he tell her? Why would he, he didn’t even know her. But there was something in her voice that sounded genuinely trustful, and he liked it.

“When I was four my parents left. I lived with my brother until I was fifteen and then I guess he got fed up and he left too, so I’ve been on my own since then, living I’m my parents old house and working at different places for money. I’m twenty-two so I’ve been doing that door almost eight years now.” He finished plainly as he continued to look straight ahead. It was the most he had talked since Jess had gotten there.

The two continued up the mountain in silence when jess pointed out that they had reached where Kyle would be staying with the herd. She began to say her good byes when Kyle interrupted.

“I was going to ride up to your site with you. Help you get the tent set up and stuff.”

“Oh, alright. I guess you could help me out with that.” Jess agreed although she knew she was perfectly capable of pitching a tent by herself.

After another twenty minutes they arrive at Jess’s campsite. While Kyle slid off his horse he watched Jessica roam around the sight on her horse. He tied up the horse and walked to Jess’s side. She looked down and him and began to climbed off her horse as well. She felt Kyle’s hand on her back as she slid down, and she thought of how much of a gentleman he was. As her feet hit the ground she turned around to face Kyle but he did not lift his hand, but slid it to her waist as she turned. The two stood like that for a moment before Kyle turned looked off to the distance and turned to walk away towards her supply bag on the other side of the horse. “Those clouds look kind of, um, bad.” Jess said over the top of her horse to Kyle who was kneeling and getting out the tent. He stood up ad looked in the direction she had pointed to.

“Look’s like thunder heads. ” He stated putting his hands on his hips looking at the sky. As Kyle thought about the oncoming rain he was soon distracted by something hitting his legs. He looked down and he saw jess grabbing the tent out from under him.

“Want some help?”

Jess looked up at him and simply nodded, and he bent down to help her carry the tent to good spot for it. As soon as they got the first tie down, the rain started.

“Why don’t you go get the supplies and keep them dry while I finish up here?” Kyle said without looking up and continuing to work on the tent.

Within the next ten minutes the tent was up and filled with all the supplies, Kyle and Jesse, and the rain was harder than before. As Kyle buttoned up the door flap, jess watched him and thought about the weather to distract her from thinking about Kyle, she found that it did not help much.

Lost in her thoughts she did not realize Kyle climbing over to her across the tent over the multiple bags of supplies, until he plopped himself down with a sigh across from her.

Kyle took in Jesse’s appearance as they sat close together in the small tent. Her dark auburn hair was almost black when it was wet; it stuck to her face along her cheeks and forehead against her slightly freckled skin. Her skin was pale compared to his, but the more he looked at her hair he realized it was almost the same color as his, maybe a few shades lighter.

Jess noticed Kyle looking at her and blushed, Kyle saw the color rise on her cheeks and smiled. Before her face got any redder she looked away and tried to scrape the wet hair off her face, but Kyle stood on his knees and leaned towards her cupping her face in his hand. There was a moment of silence while Jess blushed more which just made Kyle smile again before he reached up and tucked the wet pieces of hair behind her ear, letting his hand rest at the back of her neck for a moment.

Jess could feel the heat rising on her neck and cheeks as Kyle’s fingers slid from the back of her neck and back to his thigh, all the time keeping her eyes in his. Without his hand on her neck she felt the heat dropping again and she didn’t want it to, she liked the way is hand felt against her skin. Jess reached down to grab his hand again but he pulled it away, and broke their eye contact by turning around towards the flap of the tent.

The rain had subsided slightly, and he thought that he should probably get down to his own campsite. But when he turned back to Jess she wouldn’t look at him. “Jess? Are you all right? I’m going to go down to my site before the rain starts up again.” He said looking at her, but all she did was nod without looking at him. He didn’t want her to be mad at him so he moved towards her again and stroked her hair before whispering an apology. She looked up at him and nodded once more right before his slipped out of the tent.

Jess barley knew this boy, and she was already having problems with him. Although he was handsome, they worked together and she could afford emotional complications right now, well she could but she knew Kyle probably couldn’t. Kyle had barely spoken a hundred words that day and she felt like he was a person that she could trust, but she didn’t know why.

While Kyle set up his campsite he wondered about Jess. He knew her father was a big rich rodeo owning man, and that jess just wanted to work for the experience but he couldn’t help but ask himself why e felt so attached to her already. He wanted her to trust him and to be his friend, but he didn’t know if he had ruined it or not.

By the next morning Jess had clearly gotten over it though. Kyle saw her as he drove the herd east and she pushed hers further west and their trails intersected for a little while. The two rode together and talked of their pasts and their experiences and Kyle was happy. He hadn’t laughed like the way she mad him laugh in a long time, there was something about her accent and her sense of humor that just set something off in him. She also loved the way she could make him laugh, he seemed like a person that had been through something and may have almost forgotten how to laugh, but when she made him laugh it lit up his face like he had been born laughing and had never stopped.

When the trails split again they said their good byes and made plans for dinner that night. Jess was to come down to Kyle’s campsite and they would cook their dinner together.

The herd was large and fast but Kyle being the experienced rider that he was, he was able to keep up very well. Finally they came to a stop where Kyle had intended to lead them. He stopped his horse and watched the herd for a while. He was surrounded by vast open mountainside filled with pine trees and to his left he noticed a small creek that even looked deep enough to swim in. He made a point of remembering that creek for later use; he did need a place to bathe after all. He would also tell Jess about it he thought as he turned around and began his way back up to the site.

Once he got there he was surprised to see Jesse already sitting on the large rock next to his tent. She wasn’t looking his way so he walked up behind her as quietly as he could and slipped his hands over his eyes. Jess jumped so high she almost fell of the rock. Kyle helped her regain her balance with his hands on her waist he turned her to face him.

He was glad that she was smiling which hopefully meant she wasn’t mad at him for scarring her. “So what took you so long?” She said as she turned around to walk back to the fire. Kyle followed her.

“My herd is bigger than yours, and I had to take them farther.”

“No your animals are bigger, but I have more.” Jess said as she opened a can of beans and poured it into the pot over the fire.

“Yeah, but, you know what never mind. I’m hungry.” Kyle shook off the topic and strode over to the fire and sat next to Jess, who was stirring the beans.

After their meal they sat at on the ground in front of the fire in silence, watching the flames dance and cast strange shadows across the tree trunks surrounding them.

Kyle stood up ad turned before he felt hand close on his ankle. He looked down at Jesse.

“What?” asked Kyle looking down at Jess.

“Where are you going? Your not going to sleep, are you?”

“I’m going to get a blanket, I’m cold. You want one?” He gestured to the tent.

“Oh, yeah, thanks.”

Jess waited by the fire when she heard a thud from the tent and saw it shake. She stood up and walked over to the tent to poke her head through the flap to see Kyle struggling on the ground with hiss legs tangled up in the blankets. The second he heard Jess laughing he stopped moving and looked up at her.

By the time she had climbed into the tent and over to him they were both laughing. Jess trying to help him but soon found it was unyielding to any use, the fact that she could stop laughing had a lot to do with it. When Kyle had finally gotten untangled he pulled jess to the floor next to him by her wrists. Soon the laughter subsided and Kyle propped himself up on his elbow, leaning slightly over Jess.

“What happened?” jess asked him.

“I had one blanket, then I bent over to get another when I tripped, and well, got kind of tangled.” He replied with a smile and a chuckle.

Jess also propped herself up onto both elbows, and reached across his body to pull a blanket over Kyle and herself.

“Maybe it was a sign, that we only needed one blanket.” She found herself whispering but she wasn’t sure why. Soon she felt Kyle’s hand on her thigh moving from there to her hip where it stopped and lightly massaged circles into her skin. Kyle’s eyes found hers and he watched her blush again which once more made him smile.

She brought her hand to the back of Kyle’s neck where she played with his hair line, running her fingers back and forth through his dark hair.

The two stayed like that for some time all the while Kyle thought about the age difference. Four years wasn’t that bad, really when you thought about it, everything was perfectly legal. But he didn’t want to move to fast with her, he didn’t want her to run away, from the tent, from him. He wanted her to stay there, where he could feel her under his hands and her hands on him.

“How far away is your herd from my site?” he asked after a few minutes.

“Not far. Twenty minute ride, maybe” Jess answered wondering why he needed to know. “Why?”

“Maybe we don’t need two sites. We can just set up your tent down here as well.”

“Maybe I want to stay in this one.” she said with a joking wink.

He laughed and rolled over back onto his back and sat up, wondering if there was truth in her joke.

“Do you want me to go get your tent?” Kyle asked jess when she looked away from him, to bring her attention back to himself.

“You’re going to need help brining down all the supplies. Right? Can I come with you?”

Kyle was delighted that she wanted to go with him. So he nodded, stood, and helped jess out of the tent.

“You want to take the horses?” Kyle asked Jess.

“I don’t think we’ll need them I don’t have as much stuff as you do, and I think we can carry all of it.” She said as she started walking up the small path, kyle had to run to catch up with her, but not for long.

When he caught up to her he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him laughing as he did so.

“What are you doing?” Laughed Jess when she almost lost her balance. He just laughed and continued walking along with Jess, who looked up at the sky.

“I love stars.” She stated plainly as she continued to look them.

Kyle gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“They are pretty . But you cant see very many tonight because of the clouds, wait for a cloudless night and you’ll be able to see way more from up here than you have ever seen from any of the places you have ever been” Kyle said also looking up at the sky.

As the two approached Jess’s site Kyle wondered more about her joke. About staying in one tent, was she joking or was there truth in her statement?

“You can grab the tent…and I guess ill start packing up the stuff.” Jess said when arrived at the site.

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