Unspoken word

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Corrina wakes up to some terrible news...

Corrina woke up the Tuesday morning to some horrible news. She received a text message from a close friend the text message read “OMG you will not believe what happen last night. Jeremy hung himself in the park, your Jeremy. Corrina froze for a second, thoughts burst into many, her heart stop, doubt set in she couldn’t believe what she just read. She just had seen Jeremy yesterday what could have cause such a crazy life change. She picked up the phone and dialed Jeremy as the phone rang Corrina hoped and prayed that this was all a sick joke but it became more real to her as the phone just rang…


Still in doubt Corrina hopped out of bed and rushed over to Jeremy’s house, the sight of the cop cars cleared the doubt from Corrina’s mind this is really happening she thought with great hurt in her heart. Yes Corrina had a thing for bad boys but Jeremy was her heart, her futures love someone she could start a family with. Tears began to stream from her beautiful blue eyes as memory of Jeremy came to mind, the memory of her seeing him just yesterday at school. He approached her with great confidence with a speech in mind that he had rehearsed for years, Corrina set with her friends in the quad area laughing and having a good time as she always has. Jeremy approaches the group interrupting there laughter but the sight of him still brought joy to Corrina. Being the perfect gentleman Jeremy apologizes for his intrusion and asks Corrina could he speak with her for a moment, Corrina hopped up and joined Jeremy a few feet away from her friends. Corrina quickly notices that this isn’t going to be one of there normal chats the sincerity and confidence is written all over his face just as the words are about to push pass his lips a young man dashes out of nowhere and playfully snatches Corrina by her waist Jeremy rolls his eyes as the guys quizzes Corrina on who he is “RJ” Corrina screams out.


RJ is Corrina ex-boyfriend he’s a bad boy who can’t stand rejection and the words “I don’t love you anymore”. Corrina pushes RJ away and screams “Don’t you see me talking to my friend?” RJ replies with a snotty attitude “I need to talk to you.” “Get in line” Corrina barks back at him. RJ backs away standing in plain sight but waiting his turn, when Corrina turns her attention back to Jeremy she notice that his confidence and sincerity has left him he’s even a bit distracted by RJ’s presences. “What were you going to say?” Corrina asked, Jeremy holds off on his speech and blurts out “I’ll just talk to you later.” Jeremy gives Corrina an uncomfortable smile and disappears from sight…



When the memory fades Corrina is now standing in Jeremy’s room, she survey’s the room carefully. A picture of her and Jermey and Corrina laid crushed to pieces at the end of his bed, Corrina was confused as to why the picture was in this state it was a picture of Jeremy and Corrina at the zoo. Jeremy loved this picture very much and Corrina knew it. She shook it off as an accident and proceed through his room to find what she had come for which was a high school sweater.


Corrina quickly wrapped herself in the sweater; this particular sweater has sentimental value with Corrina, as she buries her nose in the sweater to get a whiff of Jeremy’s scent, the smell of his cologne took her imagination on a ride back to when she and Jeremy were walking home from the football game on homecoming night.


Corrina snuggles her face on Jeremy’s shoulder as he rambled on about game. Corrina cut’s Jeremy off by saying “What are you wearing?” Jeremy smells himself and reply’s with a smile on his face “It’s called evening love.” Corrina laughs and smacks Jeremy on the shoulder and says “What ever it is it smells good. Jeremy turns to her and that moment for just that second they had eye contact different from other times this time it felt real, it felt like they had something, but it quickly ended when Jeremy handed Corrina his sweater. Corrina also snapped out of the tranz as she took the sweater from Jeremy… That memory put a smile on Corrina’s faces as she stands holding her self in the middle of Jeremy’s room. As she makes her way out of Jeremy’s room she steps on something she looks down to find Jeremy’s laptop crushed under her foot.


Oh my God Corrina thinks as she picked up his laptop, she flips it open to see if the screen is intact. Relief comforts her when she finds that the screen is fine but something else catches her eye. Jeremy’s facebook page is open on his laptop, there’s a post from Corrina that reads “Corrina is now in a relationship with RJ”.


Corrina looks down at the broken picture on the floor she looks closer to find smeared blood on the pieces of glass, this sends a dagger of sadness through her heart it all start to make sense to her now she triggered Jeremy’s suicide. Corrina stares at the screen in shock, tears begin to pour from her eyes; she could die from how she feels the pain cause her to break down more passionately…


After Corrina clams down a bit she post another post on face book that reads “ I’m so, so sorry Jeremy for never telling you how I felt…






Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Wed, December 7th, 2011 2:11am


Oh my god this is such a sad story but i loved it, so beautiful! yet dark, love is truly a killer.

Thu, December 8th, 2011 10:09am

Christian W

Read part 1 of this lol called Running Mad

Sun, December 11th, 2011 8:14am

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