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Worlds unseen or ignored? The other day I saw a holographic picture of a midevil battle and the thought came to me-"every person in the picture are unaware that each other are there, but everyone are important to the idea that the artist wanted the viewer to see. Is that how we treat each other, or is that how death is to the dead?"

Submitted: December 24, 2006

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Submitted: December 24, 2006



You are looking at a hologram,

Of a man,

standing infront of you,

Looking of to the left,

No eye contact made between you,

You examine, he just stands.

From behind him,

Arms in various states,

Of waste and decay,

Reach from a back ground,

to grab hold from darkness,

To anyone and anything.

Other people are on this same path,

Some crawl, some sit,

While others look to the sky,

Everyone of them differant,

But everyone of them has tears,

Dripping from their eyes.

Some have fallen into hole,

Unaware of the few,

Who have started to rise.

The owners of these arms,

And the focus of the man,

Seem to focus on purposes,

While to each other,

Are oblivious to the fact,

That each other are there.

Is this an assumption,

Of how man treats life,

Or a picture of,

What it is to be dead?

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