Identifying Self:Revised

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Idendifying the identity we have in Christ.

Submitted: January 11, 2008

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Submitted: January 11, 2008



Identifying Self

Ask your self, "do I really understand the identity God has given me?" How do you see your self? Do you see your self as just a sinner who can never be of any real serves to God? Do you believe that your faith is small and basically useless? Do you really know what faith is? Do you even believe that you have faith?
We all have a measure of faith, and though some people think that they have no faith, we all use some faith every day. Whenever we trust in something and/or someone, we are using our faith. No matter, whether it be a science, religion, or even the brakes on a car, we all have a measure of faith that we use everyday.

I ask you, what if Moses never stretched out his hand at the Red(or Reed)Sea? What if Moses would have said to God,'You do the wonders Lord, I'm just a sinner.'? Moses believed the word of God and did what the Lord wanted him to do, because Moses KNEW that the word of God IS truth. There are plenty of examples in the Bible of people who took God at His word(Joshua, Samuel, David, Samson, Nehemiah and so on), just as there are examples of people who did not(King Saul, Judas, etc). Most of the time we Christians walk around believing that we are unworthy to do what God said He designed us to do.

God says in His word to all believer-not just some-that He created us, chose us, loves us, died for us, has given us authority over sin, vouches for us, redeemed us, encourages us, fights for us, purifies us, protects us, supplies us, sustains us, guides us, forgives us, has mercy on us, rebukes us, elected us, justifies us, sanctifies us, blessed and blesses us, adopted us, made us co-heirs to the kingdom of heaven, made us priest, and made us righteous through faith in Jesus Christ. Man is a life form that has to identify things, to try to understand it,(Genesis)thus most people go through life trying to create an identity, to find purpose in life. This creates a thought process that, we have to have this(money, favor, etc.)to be able to go somewhere,(school, military, etc.)to receive an identity, to become someone of value and worth(doctor, soldier, rock star, etc.). We spend so much time trying to become someone, thus putting our faith in other places, that we never get to enjoy who we already are. God did not design us that way, He designed us to know who we are. God designed man to be the caretaker of our world, but the devil has caused a state of confusion, which brought about a form of doubt. This doubt has caused an anger and a state of misunderstanding in mankind, thus causing man to lose it's trust in God, and this distrust has caused man to lose it's sense of identity. Since the"fall", the devil and mankind has gone to great lengths to deny that God even exists, and for the people who"know"that there is a God, the devil has been successful in setting up false gods and religion.

To doubt in who you are is to doubt in God's word, and that leads to us sinning against Him. In the book of Genesis, Eve knew the Lord's commands and stated them to the serpent, but the serpent then made her second-guess the word of the Lord. Doubt in the word or God opened the door to sin. Without doubt, the door to sin would not have been open and the desire to sin would not have been there. Rid yourself of doubt in the word of the Lord and you desire to sin will grow weak, while your faith and confidence will grow strong.

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