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This about a wonderful church that I found, that I think every Christian should check out.

Submitted: December 30, 2007

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Submitted: December 30, 2007



Dr. Gene Scott and Paster Melissa Scott

  Not too long ago, I found myself quickly changing the channel whenever I would come across certain worship channels and programs. I found that I had become confused by the different docterines associated with certain Christian denominational programming. Because of this, I found myself battling myself, my perceived worth to God, whether or not I was truly a Christian, whether or not I truly loved God, and even with a certain undeniable revelation that I had received from God many years ago. I also found myself wondering whether or not I was on the right spiritual "track".
I remember thinking to myself, "Why would God reveal himself to me and then leave me in confusion about everything else?" I felt deep down inside my spiritual man that I needed to know more. Somehow I had come to feel as if I was empty, constantly angered by my flaws, begging God for answers. I would even go as far as to ask God to let me die, because of this confusion and uncertainty, I seemed to have seemed to be causing me physical pain.
I would read and read the Bible, getting what seemed to be wonderful revelations, only to be told by church leaders that what I had brought up was theological arguments, and to participate "church", I would have to learn from them. Even at times, I was excluded from certain things because I brought up certain questions. I would see different things in the same verses that the pastors would read and teach about. What I was seeing seemed to be new, and seemed to be out of place, unless it was a spiritual blueprint or warning of some type of spiritual battle or issue. I also would see places that a comma or new chapter would only confuse the text, and when I would bring up these issues, I would be told I'm looking too deeply or seeing too much into it. So, I found myself hopping around from church to church with all these ideas, looking for answers and walking away feeling confused, and feeling like an outcast.
It would seem that the churches of modern day had somehow come to the conclusion that it would be better for them to modify the "rules"-so to say-that were established by the earlier church. I once went to church looking to be baptized and was told that me nor my son could not be baptized unless I met certain stipulations. I found that, even at most churches, I could not, in a spiritual good-willingness, participate in communion unless I promise to uphold and swear to a doctrine that I did not fully understand.

So, there I was, sitting on my couch at one a.m., looking for something to watch on television, looking for something to take my mind off of the spiritual battle that was constantly raging inside my heart and soul. As I sat there, half-minded flipping through the channels, it would seem that my battle would be on the losing side at that time, because I remember grabbing at my hair and thinking "God, help me, I give up, I can't do this anymore.". Then, I looked up at the television and there was a woman with long brown hair, a black jacket of some type, and a blue shirt and a white collar underneath staring with a smirk on her face. Then she spoke. She taught the Bible, she translated the Bible in french, Spanish, Hebrew, and Greek. She wrote each language. She taught me what they meant, and why they meant it. As God as my witness, in one hour, she basically confirmed just about everything I had read in the Bible, and confirmed it was God who had revealed them to me. She sent me to bed that night after a great big dinner of meaty God steak with some juicy FYI historical appetizers, and gave me a big glass of heart-felt spiritual song to wash it all down with.
I found myself singing a song to which I did not know the words, and praising God for teaching me the truth in his word. The next day, I waited up until around one a.m. for the same program, and within ten minutes, I found myself frantically looking for my Bible, paper, pen, and highlighter. At the end of this hour-long, commercial-free, BIBLE LESSON, I felt satisfied. I felt a passion for God's word being renewed. Confusion and uncertainty seemed to be lifting off of me as if it was never there.

Then, as I watch the next program, for-thank God-there was two of these episodes on back to back that night, I found out that the white-haired man had died and that the woman in the collared shirt was actually his wife. I couldn't help but to think to myself that the world had lost a gem that they probably didn't even know existed. I also felt as if the world needed to know of this other gem named Melissa Scott. I couldn't help but to think that it's people like Dr. Gene Scott and Pastor Melissa Scott who should be allowed to live to be nine hundred years old.
I write this just in case there is anyone out there who feels even slightly the way I did before finding this Bible lesson/Bible teaching/Bible preaching church, who have come to feel tired of drinking spiritual milk and are craving for something more. People who are tired of churches buried in tradition, and/or have become so large that one seems to be lost in a sea of people. If this is you, then I urge you to log on to www.DRGENESCOTT.com The Scott's have a whole banquet hall full of meat. The Scotts have radio broad casts, books and transcripted services available. I am not knocking any chruch or Christian programs, for God knows, they have helped me, but if you crave more, then I promise you, the Scott have it.

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