Metamorphosis: Emotions to Matter

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Emotion that become matter. I believe that our emotions become transformed into solid matter.

Submitted: December 16, 2006

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Submitted: December 16, 2006



Everytime it starts so pleasant,

Hand shakes and nodding heads,

Exchange of meaningless presents.

Wanting everyone to fall in line,

To another's independence,

To acknowledge someone's reverence,

Disagreement causes emotions,

To undergo a metamorphosis,

Respect to tolerance, anger to hatred,

Some by accident,

Others are done on purpose,

Some are done in ignorence,

While others are meant to be deviant,

Agreement, maybes, to disagreement,

Cultural, prideful differences,

Result in signatures for restrictions.

Over food, weapons, and funds.

Heated words morph to guns,

Passed to general to majors,

Everything passed down to pawns,

Minds broken, bent, then molded,

Into who is weak and who is strong.

Everything that we feel,

Starts deep with in our hearts,

Then transforms to something real.

Love changes to songs, dance and hugs,

Hate twists from words, to fist, to guns.

The emotions we choose to run our lives,

Are the monuments we leave behind,

To be observed by our daughter and sons.

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