Monsterous p.t. 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
and more monsterous deeds

Submitted: December 27, 2006

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Submitted: December 27, 2006



He takes a sip,

This eighty proof,

Leaves his throat,

Still dry,

More anger builds,

With every cry,

Why he ask,

To himself,

Will it not

Just leave me alone,

Walks over to,

The coffee table,

And throw the phone,

The noise will not stop,

This life is a cell,

Door held shut,

With the strongest lock,

He is trapped in here,

Paces the livingroom,

Pulling at his hair,

The crying only brings,

More and more of pain,

The noise,

This noise

Driving him insane,

He scream "shut up, shut up!

He grabs hold and shakes the baby....

The crying stops.

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