Please Show Me The Light.

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The contrast of society. This piece was written because of how people seem to know all the answers but act as if they know nothing. I find the the search for God is a one person road that a person has to be will to travel. I know God is real and Jesus is His son, but the road I took is my road and all anyone can do is tell you about it. Each man is responsible for his own salvation.

Submitted: November 26, 2006

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Submitted: November 26, 2006



Lost, wandering in the dark,

Stumbling over things I can not see,

Living in a warped and twisted dream,

With emotions I can not hold.

  It is so dark. Please show me a light.

If I am only who I think,

How can I know who I will be?

Do I create who I become,

Or will someone chose for me?

Which way do I go? Please show me the light.

Hate, lust, and anger is everywhere,

But not right for me to do.

Power, control, and self righteousness,

But not right for me to want.

  Do you know the way? Please show me your light.

Do you BELIEVE in God?

Or do you believe IN God?

Where and how do I find Him?

Across the world, or down my street?

  I can't see Him in you, please show me the Christ.


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