What do you see? Two part series. This poem is a collection of observations I have made about life, a type of wisdom so to say. This poem has to be thought about to make sense.

Comfort and glory of the?mind,

Is like a lighthouse for the mentally blind,

The ghetto means grime, life is timed,

The proper study of man is the study of mankind.

The soil of a man's heart is something like stone,

He must rep what he sows,

He never sees more then he knows,

He never owns anything more then his goals.

Going over the edge is not a fall, it is a plundge.

A strong man is followed by a weak person with a sponge,

Evil is in your heart, ever since you were young,

It comes out in actions and tonge.

The devil existence is legitimate,

Evil is easy, it's forms are infinite,

It causes mental and physical inprisonment,

Every man is strong armed by his govrnment.

Open up your third eye,

Rise above, observe the world with bird's eyes,

For this does not just concern you,

It also concerns I.

Submitted: November 23, 2006

© Copyright 2023 Tyrone Slade. All rights reserved.

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this is what i see, you have poetically and brilliantly defined the real-life.
what you didn't say though is: should we accept evil or should we change the evil and become good.
this is what i think this poem is about; it is aboutthe choices we make from childhood on how to live our lives and on how to interact with our world.
the third eye is the one that sees the truth which can be opened by choosing to answer this question in your life:
do i do unto others before they do unto me? or do i do unto others what i want them to do unto me.
i think you are on the right track with this poem it is going to free those who are still mental slaves. look into liberal_Taboo by lebea.

Fri, December 8th, 2006 12:04pm


Good third eye, man. Most people believe what they think they see. We all have choices, and some chose to remain blind. We all have the choice to shine a light in the dark, to help other not to fall, or to dwell in the darkness and only worry about our selves. The thing about shining your light is you repell more then you attract, and when you dwell in the dark you can't see who is really around you. Thank you for your comment, I'll check out your poem.

Fri, December 8th, 2006 4:25pm

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