See The Truth p.t 2-The Forseen.

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The vision of what we try to keep hidden.

Submitted: December 08, 2006

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Submitted: December 08, 2006



I see you crashing,

You have not crashed yet.

I see your friends laughing,

In ignorance, they laugh at death.

I can see you getting frostbite,

Killing off nine of your toes,

Your friends hear this and say,

You should not have been out in the snow,

But that is what the world is,

The world is far too cold.

I see you dancing to all the wrong things

And singing to songs you should not sing.

Don't you think?

I see you losing everything you hold dear,

And when your at your lowest,

Most people will only offer stares,

Expelling thoughts through words,

Meant only to cut down and sear.

Dispair and hopelessness,

kneel next to you offering chants,

While death and fear are standing there,

Smiling and holding each others hands.

I see you strolling with your head down,

And slowly draging you feet,

face radiating how badly you feel defeat.

Confused, swaying from side to side,

As disencouragement and insecurity,

Offer their long andsilent ride.

I can not see if you are young or old,

I do not see your flesh,

I am looking only at your soul.

Whatever is binding you,

It takes more stength to let it go.

Let go.

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