Take My Eyes

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I don't want to see anymore.

Submitted: December 26, 2006

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Submitted: December 26, 2006



I see people afraid,

Of what other people,

Think they are,

People glamorize,

Flawed retards,

Confused, backwards,

Turned into stars.

News caster using gimics,

To keep people intuned,

Fooled into thinking,

We are not all doomed,

Anchored into believing,

That they are all differant

They are all the same

I don't see a differance,

Take my eyes,

I don't want to see anymore.

I see poeple who think,

Education makes them,

Better them average,

The smartest people have,

Made the world more savage,

I see big business,

Sucking the life out of the earth,

To buy their product,

Or drive a car gives one,

Far more worth.

I see that people agree,

That man needs to breathe,

Then I see man,

Send more men,

To cut down more trees.

Take my eyes,

I don't want to see anymore

I see people partying,

From moon up to,

The rise of the sun,

I asked someone,

"Where are all the car companies,

Get the metal for new cars,

Millions every year?",

She said drunk,

"Where ever the metal comes from",

And looked at me as if I was,

The one that was dumb,

I saw a two year old,

Play with a little girls car,

And a man said,

to the kids father from a far,

"Your son is playing with girls toys,

Give him something that is a boys",

The father said "It is a toy,

The kid is young,

I don't see nothing wrong with that",

The man said "You don't want him,

To grow up to be a fag"

Take my eyes,

I don't want to see anymore.

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