The Angry Gangsta p.t. 4

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Some more of the angry gangsta.

Submitted: November 29, 2006

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Submitted: November 29, 2006



Yeah, yo,

Messaround and feel me,

Your scary ass don't scare me,

I burn whatevers near me,

Sons hail me like Mary.

The lord of destruction,

Crippling your function,

I don't push in,

I punch in,

Contort your frame to nothing,

I'll cock back and bust in,

Your whole chest cavity,

Lead brings decay casually,

Ruptured lungs and bone shaddery,

Caused by the most perscirbed tradgedy.

To murder one of you herbs,

Killers getting served hollow tips

Which will have you laid up on a curb,

Mark my words,

Shells paralize and burn,

For coming out you neck wrong,

Cause cats get to head strong,

Untill their big headed heads gone.

Its' the monsterous,

Lyrical colossus,

Handing out losses,

To you hardcore imposter,

You better check your posture,

I'm robbing hoods like Kevin Costner,

Hard looks and mean mugs will cost ya.

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