The Angry Gangsta p.t. 6

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The last of the angry gangsta. Please enjoy

Submitted: December 17, 2006

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Submitted: December 17, 2006



Virtually the amazing,

Braking all the rules,

And the laws,

Cracking chest plates,

Shatter jaws,

You keep it real,

I'll keep it raw,

Everything I spit,

Is legit,

I'm known for thugging,

And bugging,

And robbing cats with Pitts,

Point blank,

Let me be frank,

You cats ain't shit.

Come see ,

If I'm on the shit I that claim,

Get your face bubbled up,

And your back hunched up,

Like that cat from Notre Dame,

I hate talk like I hate cops,

Heres the odds,

More then not,

You'll get your frame rocked,

I'll pull your chick,

While you kids,

Are off playing hop scotch.

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