The Monster?

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What do you consider a monster? Is a monster something ugly on the outside, something ugly on the inside or both?

Submitted: December 15, 2006

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Submitted: December 15, 2006



I have spent most of my years,

Reading books for grades in school,

In my time I have learned to be gental,

I've also learned how to be cruel.

I've spentsome time disecting cadavers,

I have explored the inside of man,

Like man has explored the deepest caverns,

In time, I have come to find,

Money is all that really matters....

Do I have long fangs,

Like something out of a book?

Am I familiar or something strange?

Just how do I look?

I specialize in deep sleep,

I know how to open the perfect gash,

Sometimes I preceed slow,

Other times, my workgo sofast.

Now why don't you get up on my chair,

Yes, put your feet into my stirrups,

Please shut up and control your fear,

I'm not going to hurt you, I won't hurt you,

Or I won't mean to, now don't be scaried....

Do I have large claws and scales?

And tell me, just how long is my tail?

Are my eyes black, like my onyx horns?

Do I wear clothes?

Are they new or are they torn?

I tear open your womb, and insert metal tongs,

And grab your cozy baby by it's leg,

I find this thing's position to be wrong.

I pull most of it out of your body,

Leave just a little inside of you,

Don't you move now, you,

Don't you dare be naughty....

Or do I wear khakies and live on your block?

Do I smile and be polite when I talk?

Would you just egnore the door,

Or open right up when I knock?

I hold this... um, what should I call it?

Best to depersonalize it,

Once it is dead, there all the same.

Thing is what I'll call it.

Have you given this thing a name?

Can you feel it kicking? Good.

That will stop,

I stab it in the back of the head,

Andmachines suck out it's brain.

Now thats good thinking....

Do I fly a dragon, or drive a mercades bens?

Do I have plenty of, or have I ate up all my friends?

When I see you, do I cut your throat,

Or do I say 'how's the weather,

Wait I know you,

We went to medical school together!

What is a fitting name for me?

Do you think I am insane,

Or do you think I am a monster?

Whatever you may think of me,

You can call me DOCTOR....

The Doctor will see you now.

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