The Song of the Wicked.

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A song that a character in a story I am working on sings.

Submitted: November 15, 2007

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Submitted: November 15, 2007



She tried to control her breathing, knowing that if she let out one lttle sound he might find her. Just minutes ago, the train she was on was full of life, she tried not to start crying again, as she remembered the joy that was on the children's faces that sat across from her and her son. This happy memory was invaded by the horror she witnessed, seeing her only son's head ripped off of his tiny body. She remembered that her eye's had followed her son's head up, and evil glowing eyesthat stabbeddeep into her heart, as this "man" started to eat her sweet son's face. Her mind was flooded with memories of birthday, and holidays, her heart filled once again with the joy only a mother could feel.

But now she was back in this dark storage compartment wher she had hidden her self, with her son's, (and many other's) blood, sticky and dark, coating her hands. "No, no no," her thought to herself, "I don't want to be here." desperate to be back in joy and love, but the foot steps kept bringing her back, back to the pain, the fear. Among the the slow and steady foot steps, as they got closer, she could make out whistling, and as the the foot steps got louder, the awful words sungin a awful voice, dug deep into her soul.



I will not let...a single man have life....

I will commit..sweet gen.o.cide.

O sweet gen.o.cide.

I am the snake..and you are the dove,


yes, I will eat,

until I an ocean..of blood.

Let the slaughter..begin,

loose the evil with in..

until I've bled the world..of all..of it's love."

© Copyright 2017 Tyrone Slade. All rights reserved.

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