The Story of Stories

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A old story told in a new way.

Submitted: April 25, 2007

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Submitted: April 25, 2007



There was a king, who had a servent named Death. Death's sole purpose was to destroy any and all who did not want the king's love and trust. Death and his men, who's names were Famine, Pestilence and War, would ride on any one or thing the king commanded them to.

One day, a servant of the king aligned himself with the enemy of the king, one who's name was Sin, so this servant was given over to the one called Death. Before death put the Servant to his punishment, the Servant put into Death's heart a wicked idea. This idea would be the begining of a war that will be known to be the war of all wars. The servant of the king pointed out to the one called Death that everything he touched was turned to ruin, and that Death would never have anything good to himself, and the only way he could have anything good Death would need the king's perfection. Together, Death and the Servant devised a plan to obtain the king's perfection. They decided to steal the one thing the king valued, his children. First they needed the king's children to be in a place that was outside of the king's love and trust.

The Servant went to the king's children andintroduced them to one called Sin, and Sin and the kings children became friends. The children enjoyed Sin's company and followed Sin and his ways. Once Sin had them in his nasty hands, he delivered them to the one called Death. Death then demanded the perfection that was owned by the king in exchange for the king's children The king called out to his children, and while some came back to him, most did not. The king then asked if his first born son, who was always with him, would go and pay the ransom, and out of love for his father, the son agreed to pay the cost of the ransom required for the release of the king's other children. As the king's first born son walked his way to Death he first had to walk among his brethren, and as he did he spoke to them , telling them he had come to pay the ransom, and telling them of their father's love. Some of the king's children heard the words of their brother and embraced the words he spoke, and were grateful, seeing that they had been away from the kingfor too long. While others rejected his words and wanted to be with Sin knowing that Death would execute the will of the king on them.

Once Death had the king's perfection he found that he could not keep or control it, forthe king's perfectionwas to strong and the king's first born son, being perfectly obedient to his father went back home when the father called him taking the king's perfection with him. Seeing that Death could not keep the king's perfection, Sin ordered his men, who was now led by Servant,to destroy as many of the king's children as they could as the children made their way back to their father's house. Although many of the king's children fell at the hands of Sin and his men, the king's love and trust delivered many. The first born son went ahead of his brothers and sisters, guiding them to the gates of their father's house. The king also sent out his warriors to protect his children from the attacks ofSin and his men. The king also called Death to his court, where Death repented for his deeds and informed the king that he was misled by Servant and Sin, but the king knowing the deeds of Sin and Servant and told Death that he was commissioned into the service of the king because the king knew of Servant's alignment with Sin and in the fullness of time, Sin and Servant will be handed over to Death. As the king and Death spoke they also watched as the first born son led his brothers and sisters through the king's perfection, in willingness, into the love and trust of the king, to live forever as the king's righteous, and to rule as co-heirs, with thier brother, the first born.

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