The True Original Sin

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The true original sin was not trusting God.(Doubt brought disobedience, disobedience brings doubt.)

Submitted: October 06, 2007

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Submitted: October 06, 2007



God's command was as clear as a cloudless day, "You must not eat fruit from that tree in the middle of the Garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die." Then the Serpent comes along with,"You will not surely die, for God knows that when you eat of it your eye will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."

It is common belief that Adam and Eve were not subject to death, which I also believe. Some people have made a case that, before the fall of man, there was no death in the garden of Eden. To this I disagree, I believe that Adam and Eve knew all to well, or at the very least, had some idea about what death was. In Genesis 2:15, it states that God took man and put him in the garden to "take care of it." How does one "take care" of an everlasting garden, if in fact that the garden was, as some believe, enternal? What is Adam to do when the branches of the plants over grow? Due to this, I believe that man or Adam, took care of the garden the same way we take care of a garden now.Now, with having the meaning of what God meant questioned, and having some idea what death was, not understanding that they too would be cut off from the source of their everlasting life,(and that they would be subject to physical death)they ate of the fruit.

Eve brought her new information to Adam, which caused Adam to also doubt, and he also ate of the fruit. My question has always been, why did they eat of the fruit? I believe that with this new idea of what God meant by " will die.", ithe two ideas caused confusion, and thus entered doubt. I am not speaking of doubt in God, but the kind of doubt that we all feel when we do not understand something, the kind of doubt that causes us to test the waters, so to say. I say this due to the fact that in Genesis 3:8-13, before God called to them, they covered themselves with fig leaves, and when they heard Him, they hid, not out of fear that God would kill them, but from shame. Then,after Adam and Eve left the garden, not one time do we see an account that they show some form of doubt, but we do have an account that Adam and Eve were thankful for all that God had done for them. I also think that with this new knowledge of good and evil, they had a better idea of God's love for them and the hate that the serpent had in his heart for mankind.

Now I come to some important questions about the relationship between doubt and faith. Does having doubts mean that one does not have faith? No. Does sinning mean that one does not have faith? No. Only in a world where faith is difficult can faith exist. Faith is taking a step in the direction that the evidence is pointing. Faith is the positive responce to what God has done. If you would remeber that the few times Jesus said something like "You faith has healed you." it always had to do with someone hearing about what Jesus HAD done forothers, and they seeked Him out for healing for themselves or others. They responded positively to what God has already done.(examples: mt 9:20-22, jn 4:46-54, mt 8:5-13) Doubt brought in disobedience, disobedience brought in sin, sin brings in doubt, doubt brings in disobedience.

When Adam and Eve became confused about the meaning of what God meant, when He told them that they would die, if they ate or touched the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This confusion caused them to have a certain doubt, the kind of doubt that causes one to think that God is going to betray them in some form, for what ever reason. Just the same, as when we think that God has forsaken us, or when unbelievers think that God just wants to punish the world. This doubt was the original sin that lead to disobedience, and due to this, disobedience brings in more and more doubt to a person's heart. I know that there are some out there reading this and saying something like, "See, obedience...Thou shall not..., the god of do as I say or burn.", but what most people do not understand is what God is saying to be obediant to. All through the Bible God shows us what sin is and the price of sin, and confuse this as what it is to be obediant, not unerstanding that the Bible is telling us to trust God. The Bible is full of statements like, trust the Lord with all your heart, God is faithful, God loves the world, the lord is with you where ever you go, I will never leave you or forsake you, the lord will deliver you, the Lord will fight for you. The obedience that God is talking about is trusting Him, to respond in a positive way to His forgiveness, to respond in a positive way to Him saying, "I love you, and I have made a way for you to be with me, I have made a way for the sin in you to be covered by the blood of one that knew no sin, Jesus Christ." Faith is responding in a positive way to God, doubt brings in disobedience, disobedience brings in doubt. Thus I believe that the true original sin was not trusting God.

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