Who is to Blame?

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Who is to blame? People seem to find it easier to blame things and people out side of their famliy for the disfunctions in their home as a resault of abuse and neglect. It is too easy to say,"it is because of the T.V., the internet, music, etc," instead of first looking at them selves and wondering what they did wrong. I believe that people step into the society with the same issues they carried from their childhood.

Submitted: November 28, 2006

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Submitted: November 28, 2006



What is wrong, when you find that your daughter,

Slipped your son a ruthie,

And is having sex with him, using a strap on,

While your wife is watching,

With so many fingers inside herself,

It looks like her hand is half gone?

Who is to blame, when you come home

To find your daughter Is getting gangbanged,

While screaming, "I want to be spanked."?

And what do you say,

when you find out your son is gay,

Because he has been rolling in the hay,

Every other camp day sunday,

Ever since he was three,

With an uncle who likes to teach,

How to deep throat using less teeth?

Where do you find help,

When your son hangs himself,

With your favorite belt,

After dying his hair blond,

Andsqatting on a jelly dong,

All because you called him gay,

Because his hair is long?

Don't blame me,

What did you do wrong?

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