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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A recently escaped convict is set out for revenge after a warden who has tormented him for five years

Submitted: October 19, 2014

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Submitted: October 19, 2014



My mind was racing and my heart was pounding.

Storms were brewing: water droplets aggressively bombarded the soil. Mighty roars beamed down from the heavens as lightning struck. Hearing the eternal screams from the very depths of hell. Foul stenches lingered in the air. Feeling my heart sink and tasting a bitter sour taste. Seeing an ocean of monotonous trees surrounding me. Coming to the harsh realisation that I had committed the ultimate sin, murder.

I looked down on my blood stained shirt and realised that I killed him in cold blood. Seeing his body shattered like glass and his eyes red like blood. Staring down on his pale, lifeless and petrified face. Feeling a shortage of breath I began Gasping for air vigorously as if someone was strangling the life out of me. Hearing his loud wails begging for salvation My veins were ice cold from the twisted and mangled remains of my supreme adversary Duncan Maynard

His corpse was glaring at me everywhere I moved. The same demented smile which had tortured me for years. This reminded me of when we met. I had the grave misfortune of crossing paths with him at Wentworth prison. The encounter began by an intense stare at each other. His eyes were a baron wasteland of extinction. He tormented me for an intense five years. Duncan was the most infamous warden at the foul prison. Towering over anyone he confronted, using this to his advantage, savagely beating anyone ill-fated inmate that besmirched him. I smelt danger every time he approached. Hearing the inmates scatter as he toured the prison with a dominant swagger which would make anyone tremble to their knees and become engulfed in fear. Hate began to consume me. Fires blossomed in my stomach like a flower. Plotting to kill him when I was released from that nightmare, that plot was now fulfilled.

Cautiously I stumbled away from the body to avoid arousing suspicion. Thinking of how my mind zoned out: how I could not remember anything of the murder. The judgemental trees mocked me as I staggered to freedom. Gazing upon the busy main road and the lofty infrastructure. I realised The world had evolved so much since I was locked away in that dungeon. It was like the world had ran away and left me behind. This new world was much to strange and peculiar for my liking:I doubted if I should ever go back.

Realising it was rush hour, covered in blood I knew I had to think fast. The general public made frantic and indiscreet stares as I wobbled across the street. Each person quickly dispersed as I approached wary that I was a threat. Overpowered by guilt fierce tears graced my cheek. Distorting images surrounded me all I could see was the petrified face of Duncan in every corner I turned.

Pulse dropping I heard the demonic sound of police sirens My mind slowed and my heart failed to beat. Dramatically collapsing to the floor I knew it was game over!



By Tyrun McPherson 

© Copyright 2018 tyrun. All rights reserved.

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