A Friend

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I got bored and decided to write this. This story is basically reflecting me and my mind.

Submitted: July 30, 2017

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Submitted: July 30, 2017



Hello I want to tell you about someone I knew

We grew up togethrr fought together, you never thought the mind can be as dangerous as you think.

Torment haunting them as they breath every breath.

Each one he takes drags him to hell called his mind telling him to give up and tell him he is not perfect and everyone leaves.

Man.. I thought he was happy at one point because he got a girlfriend and fell in love the kind you think its forever.

Then one day out off no where his girlfriend didn’t know if she loves him anymore and wants a break.

So he said yes cause he loved her he wanted her to get better but a part off him died aswell.

No sleep all nighters of alarm bells ringing “she going to leave me.” “I shoudnt off said that.” He thinks over and over about whats happened and blamned everything on himself.

He gets prescribed medication to help fend off his demons but the demons are still winning, the one person who stopped the demons isn’t around to help him no more.

It been two weeks that felt like a month and he starting to think the worse and if he should give up.

He takes his pills puts all off them into his hands till his mind stopped.

“I can't do this. She most love me? She said she does. I still love her and I cant do this cause that could ruin her.”

To that he puts his pills back gets into bed for another sleepless night.

For his demons to attack again.

But maybe… Maybe if she didn’t say she wanted to break up he might still be here and I woudnt be at his funeral putting cold wet flowers on his grave saying bye and maybe everything would be normal again, cause now I can't sleep worrying the same fate will come to me cause I too have this demon called anxiety. I stay up all night worrying wanting them to stop telling me the worse will happend to the point I have scars on both arms and legs trying to please these demons.

These demons talk to you attack you making you panic and anxiety attacks to amke feel like your going to die and you wnat it... Want it to stop so you'd do anything... Anything but maybe... Maybe I would be here at this funeral maybe this is a lesson to me to not let the demons win. Not to let the demon take me next.

(The smallist thing ranging from break ups to school can cause anxiety; people putting it aside thinking it's attention seeking is the reason so many men and women take there life and don't get the help they need. Thank you for reading. This is my first one to put on this site and I wanted to be a little personal and with a little message.)


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