My life- blunt as it is

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This story may feel rushed at certain points and it may seem a little boring, but this is my life and I want to share it with you.

Submitted: December 30, 2013

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Submitted: December 30, 2013



From the time I first laid eyes on the world, I was destined to be perfect. That's what I thought. From the time I first went to school, I was destined to be intelligent. That's what I thought. From the time I argued with my parents, I was destined to be higher than them. That's what I thought. From the time I came out first in my class, I was destined to be the envy of everyone. That's what I thought. Yes. I'm an ego maniac, a compulsive liar and every defamatory word you can think of. My life has always been a roller coaster. It has taken me up, taken me down and even places I've never seen before. But I was wrong. I didn't keep my balance when I got off. I always thought that I had a difficult life. But how wrong was I! I had the best, have the best. I have everything I want that I don't know what to want anymore. I grew up in a spoilt environment. From my grandmother's delicious food and her believing that my mother shouldn't reprimand me, from my father who always emptied his handkerchief \"wallet\" without any hesitation on me and even from my aunt, who in primary school, use to smuggle me out of class to stuff me up with hot and fresh KFC. Yes. I was always spoilt, and I still am. I go to one of the best school's in south africa, have the most expensive gaming consoles and cell phones, the very latest technology and even the most comfortable bed!- I mean, really??! - but I'm not here to brag. I'm here to tell you the honest truth. From the beginning. Pulling back NO punches. So.. Let's start shall we?

I remember the very first time I was in primary school. It was a local school in chatsworth, durban, unit one. Seeing that both my parents were teachers and my mother was situated in chatsworth, it was only convenient that I was to be left in the care of my grandmother, who lived in chatsworth too! At the time, my cousin was at home and decided to look after me with all her love and care. She use to wash me - I still have soap in my nose, cuz!! - feed me - I think my boiled egg is still under the main cushion! - and even change me! She was a second mother to me, and still always is. When I was younger, she was always 'bunny-bunny\" to me. Not, \"worm\" or \"avi\" or any other nickname which was prodded on her. Just plain simple \"bunny-bunny\". Back to school now! Evergreen primary school - promising name, right?- was my very first school! I remember Bunny-Bunny walking me down the steps to my class room. I was in grade 0! I remember the emotions I felt that day- you know, the ones where you think you'll never see your family again? - I didn't cry. That I know for sure! But me being me screamed out AVI for some weird reason in a packed classroom! Being the mother hen which my cousin was , and still is, she ran back! And this is how EVERYONE in that class knew her name! It was weird, kids who I didn't know called her AVI so affectionately it was like they knew her all their lives and not me. One things for sure. I hated that school! All we ever did in class was colour. Probably the reason I hate art now! But as time went on I was eventually moved from the school to my aunt's school! And so I left behind the \"junior picaso college\" and was now in a completely new environment! Crestview primary school. Situated with a beautiful ocean view in the heart of unit 6 ,chatsworth. what more could a 5 year old boy ask for? Near a KFC and Nandos, plus the ever watching eye of my aunt! I was in bliss and not the mention that I held a lead-pencil for the first time in my 5 year old life! I learnt how to write! Even though my writing is still not the best now, its legible! Primary school was the best. I remember each day like it was yesterday. From being in the very highest reading group, to always receiving an award annually and , even though I try not to remember, all the hits with a ruler for being \"naughty\". As time went on I grew up into a very plump child. Grade 7 was my final year in primary school and I was becoming a usual teenager. I couldn't stand my aunt, who was a secretary, walking around and giving me hints to \"do my work\" or \"stop talking!\". So, being the loud-mouth I am, I replied \"don't you have work to do!?\"... There isn't a day that I don't miss her now. I so wish I could have all those years back. All the time I spent eating my granny's food. All the time I spent hoping that the prettiest girl in my class would date me, who eventually became my best friend- I miss you V!!- but time is ever passing and every second we lose, my grave grows closer. So time came for me to settle as second best in my class and jet of the high school! I was to be a small fish in a big pond.. AGAIN!

2011. What a year! I was going to be in high school! And not just any high school.. Star college! I was so nervous. I remembered how I got into the school. Taking that mind blistering exam and thinking that I never had a chance, but as fate would have it, I ended up in the B class in star college. I didn't care what class I was in, all I cared about was the school, STAR COLLEGE. And so time went on and I ended up being a darling of my class. Being a teacher's pet was fun! Through out the year, my most loved subjects were, and still are, the languages! I did excel in all the subjects but the languages stood out like a sober, 40 year old virgin in a russian night club. I loved the subject of english, afrikaans, zulu and turkish to the height. And at the moment I can speak afrikaans without hesitation. Grade 8 was phenomenal. I was first in my class for the entire year! It was so enriching. My christmas and birthday gifts were astronomical too! I was on top of the world.. Or so I thought.

2012 was finally here. I was in grade 9! My final GET year! The nerves which I had were no longer there. The first day of the new term I was beaming with confidence! But when I heard that we had new students in our class.... I happened to be seated next to one of the new breeds. I didn't want to look at him! \"He could beat me\", I thought! And so I kept beaming at my teacher to change my place. And she did. Eventually. There was another new boy( 3 to be exact). I called him \"you know who\"- yes! Voldermort!- he was always a very vain, show off! I hated him! But that was my inspiration. He was my inspiration to work harder! And I banged!! I received all A's once again! And I was one away from the big 90! I went into my grade 9 year with a blast! Akshay, the boy who sat next me on the first day, was now my best and closest friend! As the year went on, I was first in my class all the way until my third term! I was excited as final exams were going to be mine! But three weeks before my finals, I was diagnosed with a mystery disease. It took a week from my schooling. I was bad. Blackouts, blood clots on my hands and feet, warts on my tongue, scalp and face. I was sacred. My family was scared. What made matters worse it that doctors said it could be herpes! How could a 14 year old boy have herpes? So me being a wise owl I spoke. And then came another diagnoses. Vasculitis. An autoimmune disease. Now I was afraid. Heck. My whole family was. But after a week off from school and a day and night in hospital I was discharged. With no scarring at all. Finals was now two weeks away. I received a phone call to say I was invited again to the awards ceremony. I knew I was first. There was no other person who could make a comeback like me! I knew it. I knew it.. On the award ceremony evening, my name was called 2nd. I was second in my class. You know who beat me. I was enraged. But my anger took the from of tears. I cried like a woman in labour. In the car of course, next to my mum. The next morning I cried even more. But I went to school smiling and being jolly. Like I always am. But deep down I was hurt. Up to this day I still hate myself for doing that. I hated my disease. I hated life. I hated everyone.

2013. Yay! Grade 10 and a fresh start! I was going to pull the big serena comeback! I was in a tougher class now but I believed that I could just work hard and get the marks I wanted. I didn't care for positions now. The first term was horrid. 80 percent aggregate and only 6 out of 10 A's. I was distraught. I worked hard but still I had these marks. My languages didn't fail me but my maths and physics did. Biology was a weak A. Second term I was determined to pull another serena comeback. But to my dismay I did worse. 77 percent and now 5 A's. What happened? I thought I did all right! I though I did better than term 1. Well again I looked forward to term 3. I though I could just pull a serena C'mon one more time.. And I did improve but just a little. 78 percent and 6's. Parents were sad but had a little hope. Finals was now here and I was roaring and ready! But again to my dismay I did bad again. 77. Something again and 5's again. What went wrong? To this day I don't know what happened. But this is a reminder to all of you. Never take anything for granted. I have 2014 to prove myself. If you have had a similar problem, I'm sure you and me both know what must be done.

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