To My Best Friend...

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...I never thought she would ever hurt me this way... what did i ever do to her to deserve this???

Submitted: August 07, 2010

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Submitted: August 07, 2010



Do I seem a sculpture to you, or that I was born with a stone instead of a heart? Are my tears invisible, or that I have lived without emotions? You knew my pain, you were familiar with my hurt, and you saw my wounds, so what was the cause of this betrayal? Why more pain? Did I not deserve you, or are you too precious to be mine? My trust on you was crystal clear, but now it’s stained with my blood. Didn’t you for once think I’m just as much human as you are?

The truth is finally out, but only half of it. Do you find me not even worthy enough to know the full truth? It’s my emotions, my feelings that you have been playing with. It’s me who’s hurt! My quest was to find the reasons but I have failed! Its clear now that I never had a value in your life, or you wouldn’t have let any of this happen. I thought you were fragile, but it’s me who’s weaker. I thought I could take away all your tears, even if I have to fill them in my own eyes. Little did I know you had other reasons stored to make me cry…

All I need are answers. All I’m asking for is the truth. Did I ever break your trust, so much that you thought you could never stand on your own two feet again? Why did you take revenge on me for your previous hurt? I was true… I would have been till the end of the world… could you not see? How come you got blinded, what made you turn away? Was I unfaithful to you?

Did I ever say our friendship was a lie? Did I ever tell you that everything I ever told you about myself was a lie? Did I ever crush you just like a cigarette is crushed under feet? Did you cry endless tears for me and begged Allah to give me your life as well when you learned I didn’t have much time to live? Did you pray in all your prayers when I or one of my closest relatives was badly hurt? Did you ever cut yourself for me and while watching the blood flow, asked yourself, "was she worth it"? And was the answer "YES"?

At least tell me what to do. Tell me how to forget you. You were my best friend, and you’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever known. I valued you; you meant so much to me! You were a part of me…

Maybe it was I who was blinded by your spell. Or maybe you tried to show but I was too ignorant to see. You told me you’re insincere, but I refused to believe. You gave me an option to leave you, but I don’t know why I’m still lingering beside you. Maybe the truth is staring at me in the face, but I can’t see it, maybe because I’m still trying to find ways to prove that you’re innocent. That you meant none of what has happened! When I should have moved on, I’m still standing here waiting for an explanation. Just a reason to tell me what did I do to deserve this…?

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