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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's a poem abt a world that turns out not to be the escape world but something turns joy to sorrow

My space,

My littleworld,

My quiet place,

My secret place

A place where i can express myself

Just me and the rock i sit on

I graze at the sky, up

It's smiles at me,

The clouds,the's welcomes me.

It's comfortable here,than the world i'm from.

No pain,no stress,

But something, something? yes,something is behind my little space.

I taught i escaped! I escaped!!

Did i? No,maybe yes, It's closer!

Should i scream? scream,what's the usefulness, It's of no help. The people outside there doesn't care, Should i give in? Maybe i should,

It's THE "GIANT" It's taking me, To A place, Where there's

No,pain, No,stress, Where, I won't fall anymore, I taught this was,

My escaped world, No,it's wasn't, But giant is here, Well,let me give in,

It's painful to, But i have to, I guess there won't, be stress there,

Or even discrimination,even tears..

Maybe that other world ,

Will be ok,


Like the place I sit on,

Am sitting,me and the Rock,

Just empty and blank, 

I'LL be lonely, Yes lonely

Yes ok,

The giant is "death" ,

I can't hide from it, once it comes you must.  ...



It's can't go

Without taking

What it came for,

Did I waste my time here ????,

Or in my space,

Maybe it's time ,

For me to go,

Go where?

To the place that, is more comfortable,


Yes, comfortable than this place

It's here,

The sorrow ,


Oh no!



Submitted: June 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 uduak. All rights reserved.

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