Gathering Affair

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When friends gather on a regular occasion, it's hard to assume anything going wrong, but sometimes, there is a force that thrusts dangers into the hands of the unwilling.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



Christmas edged around the corner, but the earth was still warm, no snow had fallen it seemed as if it would never come. Somehow we were okay with it. All seven of us. There was me, Beth along with my other friends that gathered every Tuesday. There was Kimi and Jamie two of my very best friends, Jamie’s boyfriend Austin, and her younger brother Ian, followed by the other two Shai and Mike. Each of us different yet similar enough to stand hanging with each other every Tuesday. This Tuesday was different though, it was our Christmas party, we’ve been planning it since our Halloween party ended.

The day was here and we were all to gather together. I’d never been to the location before, it was by a lake, someplace Austin’s family owned. The house was large and I there was a hot tub, at least that was the information we had gotten. Gathering my things I went to say goodbye to my mother, she was getting for her Pocahontas Christmas party, it was strange, but I can’t judge her friends, after all they were children of the 70’s. Her stylish hair was straight and a headband was wrapped around her forehead like the typical native American look. I helped her get ready before she pulled down the long gravel drive with a wave. Something in my gut told me I’d miss her, but I always missed my mom when she was gone, today it felt different, it felt like I was losing her.

It was like my life flashed forward because all of a sudden I was with my friend at this house by the lake. Everyone was smiling, laughing, and enjoying the company of each other. The sun was shining the water glistened, it was calling us to its depths, taunting us to dare enter the waters in the ending weeks of December.

“Let’s go on the boat, we can jump in and then head back and all get into the hot tub!” Austin’s excitement enthused everyone, everyone but myself. “Really? Yall really want to feel needles stabbing you from the transfer from hot to cold? That’s just stupid.” I knew it was stupid, but they wanted to do it, so I went along, the sky was turning a light grayish color, the others didn’t care though, they wanted to do this idiotic act of teenage rebellion. I watched the shoreline retreat as Austin drove the boat out to the lake. The lake was so big, it was more like an ocean.

Chatter rose as Austin slowed the boat, we were in the deepest part of the lake, at least it seemed that way. The engine was cut and we all rose from our sits on the edge of the boat. I gulped and hesitated but one by one the others jumped off the boats edge, plunging in to the dark cold water. Fear rose and I had no idea why, I could swim, I loved to swim, I loved the water, but something was telling me to stay in the boat. I couldn’t though, not seeing my friends out there freezing while having the time of their life. Jamie and Austin stayed close, the flirty look in their eyes playful and loving. Shai kept going under the water and bobbing back up. Kimi swimming around in her own world, white mike tread the water, looking to the sky.

Peering into the dark depths of the water I stepped to the side of the boat, as I sucked in my breath I felt something pulling me into the water, but with the second I had my eyes open there was nothing there, but I was tumbling down. My bare skin smacked into the water as the invisible force pulled me down into the depths. My throat closed, my body frigid and my eyes open. It was at that moment I knew what the fear had been all day, the feeling of lose. This was death, I could feel it. My eyes moved around franticly looking through the dark green water, I was looking for help, I tried to thrash and to kick my legs but nothing moved. I was afraid to move almost. I was scared that if I made up I’d run into the boat and be trapped beneath. I was waiting for my death as I was runny out of air. But as these thoughts swirled through my head, I saw something different, I was above the water, I could see everyone, except for myself. The only thing left of my was the ring of bubbles in the water where I had plunged into the depths of my death. Watching the scene I was both appalled and surprised. Shai, Kimi and Shai hadn’t moved, it hadn’t fazed them. Ian, well Ian was the lucky one to stay on land. He was smart. The thought that I was drowning didn’t have any affect to those, but Jamie and Mike were frantic. Jamie was screaming pointing to the spot I went under.

“Jamie where’s Beth!” Mike glanced around the water, turning franticly looking for my body, the others still unfazed by my absence. Jamie unable to spit words out pointed to the spot for a moment longer before franticly swimming away from Austin. Mike and Jamie rushed to the scene, Mie dug at the water as if I was buried alive, it wasn’t helping, I was still under.

I slammed back into my body, my head was light, my daze blurred, I could see water splashing 3 feet above me, I reached my hand out, but I couldn’t hold it, because the black encased me, carrying me away from the pain.

Warmth wrapped around my, voice rumbled, and light shone, I was in a new place, I couldn’t tell where I was, but when I opened my eyes I saw I was in a garage with my friends, and the feelings of death raced back towards me, I should be dead, or at least in a hospital. But I was neither, I was in a garage with orange furniture. Ian was reclining in a chair, Jamie and Austin were in a corner whispering to each other. Shai was playing a video game on an old TV. Mike had his back to me but I could see the tension in his jaw, he looked…pissed. Kimi though was sitting on the edge of the ugly orange couch pulling another blanket over me, a smile on her face.

Standing, she looked down out me before looking around the room.

“Merry Christmas everyone.” I thought I should feel scared, why was she taking care of me. She didn’t even care that I had been dying! But I wasn't scared, or angry. I was alive, and warm.

I parted my dry chapped lips and whispered to my friends before falling back into the warmth of sleep.

“Merry Christmas.”

(Another dream that I had which then turned into this short story. Enjoy.)

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