I Feel At Home

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Let me show you man something

Im taking my time to make sure I hit,

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




Let me show you man something

Im taking my time to make sure I hit,

That all import target with this sawn off twin barrel shit,

I got that prize in my mind, with my mind on my hip

This Niggah best stop running, before I empty this shit.

And as I stand here and think, I aint gonna keep calling.

I imagine this Niggah terribly falling,

From the force of my gun remember, that twin barrel one

It will be lights out, kiddies orphaned, your time here is done

Then I imagine myself standing with a tunnel visioned view,

Watching that 21 grams transcend above you

Transforming itself into your life’s life form ghost,

Then I’ll look up and say,

I told you I got tools for you Niggah,

I told you not to boast.

Because I’m that undercover guy, that pretty niggah, that’s me.

I got the need to play humble to most, with my scented aura of a G

But stupid Niggah’s feel this scent is for a wounded animal,

Someone of a weak nature that even a slap, they can not handle.

But this scent is the scent of a beast, the scent that only true beasts can decipher

M.O.B Niggah, I’m a Money Hustling Lifer.

Yo, I’m an arrogant cunt. Plain, simple and blunt

But I got that Black gene, so you can’t even front

This some powerful shit, I’m a King amongst Kings

My people, my Family we are Mind Powerful Black Angels, theres no need for them wings

But still, mans know there’s no need to boast,

About the spiritual beings we are, and to prove we are better than most,

But yet the knowledge that I have seeked for time

That for even for the smartest man it will blow his mind

Is that I am a Nubian warrior straight up, there it is simple

And I am taking back our shit, there it is plain, and simple.

So I roll real neat, playing the game with my heat,

This game is like chess cross with monopoly, I call it These Streets

So I gota think hard, quick and a step ahead, as these man are ready to peel you

And leave you for dead.

And these Niggah’s are stealing from their own,

Robbing, setting up man, backstabbing on their phone

But this aint happening to me right about now.

These Niggah’s need to leave me alone

Told my Son, that if they ever came for me Ill say this shit

I hustled hard for my shit, so before you try some shit

I think it’s that time you sit back a think out aloud about this shit.

About the situation you wish to partake in,

Is this move really feasible, or are you mistaken

Because the picture I see here is, you must be fucking mental

As I’m A New Breed Of Hustler, brother, This aint no time, for no comedy central

Standing in front of you a real Niggah, no need for Red or Blue

I role deep playboy, Now tell me whats your next move.

And If you aint thinking clearly by now

Even with the way I’m using the twinny to scratch my brow

Then you gots ta pay my man, or learn a lesson right now.

As I am that Quintessential Hustler, I’m a classy fucking Niggah,

Got 2 twinnys, wid 2 sets of eyes

Yes big man,

Me a roll wid some, real fucking figures

What is it, you retarded, got a dying kid, or are you just rmessin.

Don’t matter whatever you was hoping to try to day, you gonna learn a lesson

Ok look, if you can promise me you thinking clear,

I’ll let you run along now and live in fear

But before you go my friend we need to talk some figures,

What, did you think I was leaving here empty handed, are you some type of wiggah

You need to empty your pockets bru, I see you got a watch there,

I’ll take them trainers, Niggah fucket

You see, that’s what Real Hustlers do my man, we turn a situation into any type of profit

I applaud you for your hustle though G, never stop your grind

But know who you’re fucking with, because winning beef is truly a state of mind

I’m showing you this bru, because you need to know

That there are many a Man like me out there, real Hustlers

Just on making doe,

No time for no bullshit, 1 plan 2 plan, 3

I got mad money to make, and no one on or of earth is gonna stop me.

I’m a #TRUHUSTLER79 solider, I roll on my own

With my New Breed Of Hustler family pun dat Blackberry phone

We are a Team of Hustling clones

sniffing out money moves, like dogs sniff out bones

So from me and my people we say stand proud and tall,

We are True New Breed Of Hustler’s,

And we aint fucking with no fools


Ugly Man

New Breed Of Hustler


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