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A country is like a family, there's no country that doesn't have a problem.. Ugo Osmunds dedicateS this writing to no other family but the Nigerian family.

Submitted: September 30, 2010

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



A country is like a family, there's no country that doesn't have a problem..

There's no family that doesn't have a problem.
Sometimes people in the other families wants to live in another family
because they feel that their family problems are shoddier but not until they
got in to that other family and experience their own problems.
The reason why a problem can't be solve isn't because somebody
is at fault but because no one wants to admit of being at fault,
so that creates the separations.
When two reasonable best friends or brothers/sisters
have got a misunderstanding, they know that the only way to solve
the issue is by admitting to being wrong to each other. Which would create
positiveness between the two friends, that makes them to become
friends again.
Having problems is a part of life..
It's just like having winter come and having the summer go.
The reason why a family problem can't be solved is because of
meetings, disunity & selfishness.
No one wants to be wrong, everyone wants to be right..
in order to gain something for own-little-self.
Africa is a continent with families inside. Lets use Nigeria for example
as one of the families with problems. The problem with Nigeria isn't all
about the Government, The President and the 'evil people.' The problem
with Nigeria is that there're too many people (Nigerians) going about
saying and quoting "The problem with this country is..."
There's no problem ever been solve with blames.
It only creates more blames and making a few people angry.
When your house, catches fire. If you go worrying about who caused
the fire, then you wouldn't be able to save any of your belongings.
Back to this family called Nigeria.. You've the President saying that it
is the duty of the family to make the family better. And you have the
family saying that it is the duty of the president to make the family better.
At the end of the day, when the family puts all the trust in the president
when he disappoints.. Everyone lives in agony and regrets. They will be
quoting "We shouldn't have trusted him, we shouldn't have made him president."
This type of problems are similar to what is going on in other families that
isn't the Nigerian problems. Some of the wiser families would stay together in
unity, have meetings with each other, with no selfiness, find out their faults and
solve their problems, without other familes knowing about their problems.
Those kinds of method, makes people in other families with problems who
finds it very hard to solve their own problems, feel the needs to leave their
families to other families that they believe is best for them. And leaving their
own families in disasters.
Leaving blames on the governments and the president
because in the past they've never been any good.
There're differences between living on the past and living on the future.
When one is living on the past or from what people have done to one...
then there's no future. When one is living on the future because of the
fact that it is spotless, then the past means nothing.
Nigeria is a great family with great problems but will only solve it's
problems. If only the members of the family will unite and deal with
the problem in a positive manner.
To solve a problem in a positive way: you've to face the problem
not an individual, but the act of an individual because nobody was
born a problem.

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