Decembers of Love

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Decembers of love is a short story written by Ugo Osmunds. A story about an eligible young man named Caesar Washington, who is in search of a perfect lover that will fit his perfect life. A little desperate and determined, refused to believe that nothing comes perfect.

Submitted: November 30, 2009

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Submitted: November 30, 2009





A week went by, and I can’t stop thinking about this beautiful lady. I asked myself, “Why didn’t I get her number, as well?” I can’t even tell if she would ever call me or not. And if I would ever meet her again; She was on my mind 24/7. I couldn’t focus on my bank job.

December the 10th came on a sudden. I was sitting on my desk at work; very stressed out and worried. Then someone calls my cell phone, I picked up and it was her.

She invited me to a Romeo & Juliet theatre play going on the next day. I was kind of a little joyous. She said “She would come and get me. And I gave her the address of where I live.

I told her that I would've loved to be the one to come and get her but, she refused and told me that “She loves to drive." I asked her what she does for a living and she said “she’s an Author."

A week before I met her, which was the last day of November; I broke up with my girlfriend. Divine, between us there was no such thing as trust. She was always very suspicious about the things I do. And I was always very suspicious of the things that she do. We never got along just fine. So, we decided to let it go because there was no future in the relationship.

On an early morning of December the 1st, which was the day I met Julie. I drove to the dry cleaners to pick up my suit. It was raining, there're little floods on the road as I was crossing the side walk to the dry cleaners. I paid and picked up the suit and as I was about walking back to the place where I parked my car. I notice a car, coming from my right, really fast, but then I decided to just let the car pass by before I cross.

As the car was coming so fast, I had the suit on my arms, The car came by, with speed and splashed dirt from the ground all over my suit and stopped about fifty yards from where I was standing. I was so upset as I was walking to where the car stopped to see who in the world splashed dirt on me and my suit. I was very angry, I broke up with my girl. Devine, the other day. Today someone splashes dirt on my new suit. As I was getting close to the car, She came out and said “Oh my God! That she was so sorry, didn’t mean to splash the dirt.” My anger flew away.

I was just staring at her. At this time, I was not upset anymore. Then she asked me “Hey, aren’t you going to say a word, I mean, is there anything we can do to get the dirt off your suit?”

Then I said to her “No there’s nothing we can do, you just need to be a little careful on how you drive.

By the way my name is Caesar, what's yours?"

She said "My name is Julie."

She was so cute. We were standing on the side walk talking. I gave her my number, so she can give me a call sometimes. I went back to my car. “What a way to meet someone..”

From then she stayed on my mind. I became really confused. I couldn’t eat anymore, all I do is think about her. I was trying to figure out what is going on. I barely know this woman on my mind. And then today she gave me a call and invited me to a theatre play.

The next day around 9 0'clock in the morning, she came and knocked on my door. I was ready, then we both left to the play. We were inside her car, I was not saying much but by the way she was driving I can tell that this angel loves to speed.

I asked her and she said “Yes.” I laughed cause I knew it.

It was a great night, We had lots of fun, watching the play.

She said to me that for many years of watching Romeo & Juliet, she found it very funny in the play that both of them had to meet through a fish tank in the 1996 movie but in most theatre plays they met different ways. Then she reminded me of how we met. I found it very humorous.

While we were still at the theatre, she introduced me to her best friend. Mary, who was also an Author. Mary told me, Julie has wrote many books. She also told me that Julie likes me.

I said “for real?”

She said “Yeah.”

She told me that I need to take care of her. She is kind of a little wild but she has the best of behaviors. I never did understood many things Mary said but I took it as an advice.

It seemed like me and Julie both loved theatre plays because, we started attending many plays. And always had a great times. The more I'm with her the more my love for her increases. She became all I'm interested in. I couldn’t find any other woman attractive. It was like she was the only one I see.

December the 20th; We both fell deeply for each other. I couldn’t spend a whole day without wanting to see her. I’ve been in love so many times in my life but never been so much in love like the way me and Julie were.. I quit my Job because I didn’t want to spend up to eight hours a day with out seeing her. My boss regretted ever hiring me in the first place because He thinks that my reason for quitting was stupid. I accepted, I'm crazy. Loving her made me crazy. "We were addicted."

Christmas Day, The morning of December the 25th. We were inside the shower making love. It was like we were both inside of each other and we couldn’t break away.. Ten to twenty minutes we held each other so tight, while the water was running down on our bodies. sitting in the shower making wishes to each other.

She promised me that she would write a book about our love and call it, The Decembers Of Love. She wished for more Decembers of love making and I wished the same. We dried each other’s skins and went to the bed room and continued from where we stopped.

'We made love like there were no tomorrow, Exhausted, laying on top of each other. I had doubts of our love being just the sex or if it is real love? Is it lust? then because if it’s just sex then isn't real love. That was my believe but who cares.

To me, She had the best jokes and the best quotes..

She said, “The best place to meet a good man is at the dry cleaners because men that go to the dry cleaners are always very responsible and most of the times has a good job and an eligible bachelor.

We planed to visit my Mom on January the 1st She agreed to come with me.

There’s nothing like making love on Christmas day, talkless of making love until the year was over.

I couldn’t wait to show her to my Mom. My beautiful angel. 1st of January came and we took off to my Mom’s house, the house was two hours drive so she told me, we have to make the long drive fun. She was driving her car and I was driving mine. She was behind me because I'm the one that knows where we were going. We got on the highway and we started speeding and speeding.

We drove for an hour and stopped to get something to eat. My Mom doesn’t know we were coming. I wanted to surprise her. I told her that I was coming but didn’t tell her I was coming with my love Julie.

We got done eating and went back on the highway.. As we started speeding again. We kept on driving pass each other and saying “Hey! Hey!… we were also watching out for the cops.

Cause getting a ticket was not part of our plan, I was upfront she was behind me.

Suddenly, I looked at the side mirror and noticed a car rolling three feet off the ground behind me.. Then I looked again and saw that Julie was not behind me anymore.

I stopped my car and began to ran back to make sure I was right. I was getting closer and closer to the place then I saw Julie’s car. Before I could get any closer. an ambulance came.

I looked inside and saw Julie in blood.. At first I was speechless….. Then I screamed!!.

My love!.. Accident was not part of our plan, She couldn’t hear me. "How little security have we my love when we trusted our security in the hands of others.." don’t let go stay with me, I love you.

You are all I need.. She couldn’t hear me. The ambulance took her to the hospital and I followed. At the hospital, I began to cry because I didn’t want to lose her, She is all I have. I realized that she means the world to me.. If I lose her, my heart will be broken.

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