Decembers of Love 2

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Decembers of love 2 is a short story written by Ugo Osmunds. A story about an eligible young man named Caesar Washington, who is in search of a perfect lover that will fit his perfect life. A little desperate, and determined, refused to believe that nothing comes perfect.

Submitted: December 02, 2010

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Submitted: December 02, 2010





11 0’clock in the morning. I came to the hospital, and was a bit shaky; “If I lose her my heart will be broken,” I held her hand… It was a bit warm, then she moved a little, and I tried to rush to get the doctor and she opened her eyes.

She called me back, “Caesar!”

I came back, then She said, “there’s something I must tell you before it is too late.”

“What is it, hon.? let me get the doctor for you…” In a hurry,

She said, “No! I need to tell you this.”

I rushed back again said, “Ok, what is it that you wanted to tell me?”

Then she took a deep breath said, “I never loved you. Caesar,” Shaking her head… “Oh my God I can’t believe I’m saying this things to you…” She held my hand. “I never cared about you… I lied, when I said I was going to write a book about our love. I set the whole thing up; right from the day that I splashed those dirt on your suit... I was using you; I used you… I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me someday.”

I was standing still, with a stunned look on my face; then she said, “Good-bye. Caesar,” took her last breath and died.. The doctor rushed in immediately he heard sounds. He checks her pulse. And She was gone.

I was speechless… I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what I was feeling anymore. I didn’t know what to say.. I picked up my jacket, walking slowly to my car.. I got in the car and drove home..

I got home, threw myself on the bed, and that was where memories of us started coming in. I remembered how I met her;

It was on an early morning of December the 1st. A day that I couldn’t remember correctly anymore. The day that I met Julie; I drove to a dry cleaner to pick up a suit, then after picking up the suit… I was crossing the side-walk to where I packed my car. Then, there was a car coming by so fast. It came by, and splashed dirt from the ground all over my suit and stopped about fifty yards from where I was standing. That was where I fell in love with her; The only perfect relationship that I’ve ever been in was a perfect lie.

I asked myself “How could she be so heartless…? I mean, how could she do me like this? As I was thinking, and thinking more… A call comes in through my cell phone. It was Mary; Julie’s best friend.

“Caesar, I‘m so sorry about Julie.” Said Mary.

I yawned.. Said, “You don’t need to be sorry for me. Mary, why would Julie say that she never loved me? Why would she say that she used me?”

Mary seemed baffled by what I just said to her and she told me to meet her at an elite restaurant downtown. In one hour.

I picked up my jacket and drove down to the elite restaurant downtown. Sitting there, waiting for her to show-up. Made an order of a martini cocktail, vodka with ice.

Ten minutes later… there was a sophisticated looking young lady; in a brown hair, elegantly walking up to me with my drinks. Following behind her was Mary. It was like we were in slow motion.

In my mind I was like “what is going on?”

She came and sat the drinks down on the table, we had an eye-contact; she smiled and walks away, then Mary came and sat-down.

She seemed a bit worried; said, “Oh my God Caesar, you look like you’ve not slept or eaten in days!”

I looked back at her in my emotion said, “how can I sleep? when your best friend left me and my whole entire life in a total confusion.”

She said, “Why don’t we go over to my place? this place is a bit crowded, and a bit noisy.”

I said, “Ok.”

We left the restaurant… she got into her car, and I got in mine; I was to follow her to her place. Mary is a beautiful middle age lady. I’ve always known that she wanted to sleep with me… right from the very first day Julie introduced me to her, but then I was in love with Julie.

We got to her place; She offered me a red wine, and I said “No, thank you.”

She asked me “What did Julie say to you before she died?”

I took a deep breath and said all that Julie said to me back at the hospital “I never loved you, I never cared about you. I lied when I said I would write a book about our love. I set the whole thing up right from the day that I splashed dirt on your suit.. I was using you. I used you. I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me someday… that was all.”

She said, “I told you that Julie was a complicated woman; I tried to warn you, but it seemed like you were in love with her. She was never in love with you though. You see, Caesar she used to be married to a man who cheated on her so many times. This same man left her heart broken and moved to California.”

With an angry look on my face said, “what does this got to do with me?”

She said “Julie was looking for a revenge, she was looking for the perfect man, and you fit her profile that was why she splashed you dirt to get your attention because, you know she is a very attractive looking woman.. A very attractive woman, like myself.”

She began to move closer to where I was sitting. Then I said, “Mary, I’ve always known that you wanted to sleep with me..”

She moved closer more and held my face with both of her hands and kissed me. She grabbed my crotch, and whispered in my ear “I know you want me. Caesar.”

We both got up, making-out, then to her bedroom, ripped her clothes off, She said, “I want you to make love to me so bad,” She grabbed my right arm, then down into her underwear, I ripped my belt off, with my left hand. Down goes my pants, then along with her.

But then, in my mind I was picturing and fantasying about this girl back at the elite restaurant; “The young lady back at the restaurant,” I didn’t get her name… I didn’t get her number but, I remembered her beautiful face.

8 0’clock in the morning, I grabbed my jacket and shoes; I was leaving Mary’s house, while she was still at sleep. We had a good time that night, and I also went down on her but, now my mind is on the girl at the elite restaurant as I was driving.

I got to the restaurant but they told me that she works second shift, which was in the day time. Her name is Nadelie.

I got home, took a shower, and in my mind it was all about Nadelie. I think am in love again; with another girl I barely even knew. I don’t know, this is the same feeling I had for Julie.

JULIE! “Why am I thinking about Julie? She betrayed me. She threw a stone that was meant for another at me.”

I didn’t know when I fell at sleep thinking about Julie but now, am awake. It’s noon already… I’ve got to get down to the restaurant. I must get to know Nadelie. A call coming through my cell phone; Its my mom.

“Hello, Mom?”

Mom sounding upset on the phone, she said, “Caesar, you don’t call like you used to… at least if you didn’t want to know how I was doing.. At least call so that I will know that you’re ok.. You‘re my son.”

“Mom, “how about I come to see you in the evening so we can talk about this issue more. I’m going somewhere at the moment.”

She hangs-up the phone. She always do that.

It’s not like I careless about my own mother but, I know what she want. One thing will make her happy.. And that is if calling her or coming over with the woman I want to marry.

It is very hard this days to find the right woman, and I’m sure that most women feel the same way about men but I always feel that my own case was different; Sometime ago, I went to the club, I was looking for Michelle Obama. I couldn’t find her but instead I found Barbie dolls.

I’m not perfect myself; A friend of mine showed me a picture of his two beautiful kids, and wife. And all I was able to show him was a picture of me in California, with a bunch of girls who looked like Marilyn Monroe in my new Porsche.

I finally arrived at the elite restaurant; And I tried my best to look classy enough, and likable. I sat down.. I’ve not seen her yet but, I know in a bit someone will be coming to take my orders, right after or at the moment when I’m reading what they have on the menu book.

Ten minutes later. There she goes.. Walking up to me with a pen, and paper; She smiled, and asked me “What can I get for you today?”

I smiled back said, “Nothing, actually I came here because of you.”

Smiled again said, “You must be joking.”

I said “Actually, I’m not… don’t you remember my face…? don’t you remember faces?”

She looked up, and down said, “You look kind of familiar; where you here yesterday?”

I said “BINGO!”

She laughed out loud! immediately people looked at my table. She held her mouth close. I said, “Get me a red wine..” Then she left.

Few minutes went by. She came back with the wine, and then left because it seemed like they were busy. I didn’t spend much time so I left the restaurant to my Mom’s place… I wanted to visit my mom, and back before her shift ends.

After I visited my mom’s place, I came back to the restaurant, and they told me that she was gone. I said, “Ok.”

I came back the next day, and they told me that she wasn’t working.. I said, “alright.”

I came back the next day, and they told me that she changed her shift. “I said, “what-the-fuck!”

It’s funny to me how people; mostly ladies, try to mix arrogance with elegance. They’re not the same. It is like trying to mix love, and money. Oh wait… “they’ve already mixed that one.”

JIM: a guy who also works at the restaurant, called me to the side. and gave me an address on how to get to her place said, “make sure you don’t tell her who gave you this.”

I asked him, “Has she always been this strange?”

Jim was giving me information/details about her like as if he knew her ups and downs said, “Man, she’s crazy; you aren’t the first guy who has ever been here.. I mean, you aren’t the only dude who has ever shown a huge interest on that girl. Mostly, every guy she takes their order wanted to slay her.”

With a confusing look on my face. I asked him, “Slay her… what’s that?”

He said, “Slay her. I mean, every guy wants to screw her. Everybody wants to fuck her but she’s always playing hard to get.”

I said, “Alright man, thanks for the information.” I left. While he was standing out there smoking a cigarette.”

Two months later, just thinking while driving to her place. I know… Jim, probably thinks that I’m such a nerd for not knowing the definition of the word “Slay,” In the urban dictionary but It is partly not my fault for not growing up in the urban jungle. I was born a rich kid. I don’t know what rainy days look like. I’ve never been beaten by the rain, but I don’t walk around singing it in people’s ears.

I’m a social person. I get along with everyone. Except this particular girl Nadelie who I don’t know if we can be able to get along or not.

I got to her place. I know at some point.. Some one or maybe her will come outside. I waited in the car for one hour. And then there she goes. It looked like she was going somewhere. I got out of the car, yelled her name “Nadelie!”

She turned around, said, “Oh my God, YOU? What are you doing here? Are you stalking me? Who told you my name? who told you where I live?”

I got a little closer, said, “Sweetie, out of all this questions. which one is the most important to you right now because I cannot answer all of them.”

She said, “Who told you my name?”

I laughed, “you forgot that your name was placed on your work badge. How could you have thought that I wouldn’t have been able to remember your name.”

She opened her car door, and got in said, “well Mr. what ever your name is.. I’m on my way to meet up with some friends, and when I get back I’m moving out of this place.”

I said, “The name is Washington. Caesar Washington!”

She laughed. I believe she was laughing at my name said, “Caesar or Washington which one is your first name?”

In all my confidence said, “You can call me Caesar.” I lights up my cigarette. The habit I learned from Julie. “Julie! why am I thinking about Julie?”

Our conversation lasted more than an hour. We seemed to always get along just fine. She gave me her number, and drove way. Am like “what is it with me? meeting ladies while they were close to their car.. Similar to the same way I met Julie.”

I got home checked my voice mail. Message from Mary, saying she wants it tonight. I neglected the message. She is very fun to be with but not to settle down with.. She’s nine years older than me. My mom would detest her, with passion. Nadelie told me that she’s from Cuba. To me she is the most beautiful girl ever came out from Cuba. Her beautiful brown hair, her brown skin, her brown eyes. Everything about her is beautiful.

A week went by, I was on a private yacht; with her, She was laying on top of me in the sun, while I was smoking a cigar. Enjoying the afternoon. It was her idea. I’ve not slayed her… “No! not yet.” I really don’t need those thoughts in my mind. Her being around is hotter than two angels screwing in the sky.

She got up, and kissed me. She’s more romantic than any girl I’ve ever been with. Her kiss? Out of this world. I made her quit the waitress job at the elite restaurant. My friends would laugh at me, If they knew that a girl am dating was a waitress. Or maybe it’s just one of those ways my thoughts plays out in my mind.

When ever I go over to her place, there’s always a black car packed outside across the street; with the window down, and a guy inside smoking a cigarette, watching as I was walking inside Nadelie’s house. I never did ask her about the car. Cheating never came through my mind when dating any girl. Even though, I was upset, and confused about all that happened… between me and Julie. I do have this philosophy about cheating.

You see.. Cheating is not the worst thing that can happen to the human race. We’ve all been programmed to think that it is.. All the television shows, all the movies, and all we’ve learned from life in general, made us believe… but there’s something that most people seem not to understand about words.

A lot of the people who use the word “Hustler,” or “Hustling,” believe that it means being capable of succeeding in life, but what they don’t understand is that another word for Hustler is Cardsharp, and another word for Cardsharp is Cheat. Even folks who constantly accuse others of cheating, use the word Hustling to define what they’re doing or what they’re up to..

Now, on and on with Nadelie. When she comes over to my house, when I seem to be in the mood, a little. If I touch her she would say “No. Caesar, not today.” I let it go.. Over at her place, the same situation, but It never bothered me. I took it that I’m always wanting to make love to her at the wrong time.

2 0’ clock in the afternoon on December the second. I woke up. It was Nadelie’s birthday. She didn’t call me, maybe she wanted to know if I could remember her birthday. It’s about time she moves into my big house.

I took a shower, got dressed and left to the store. I wanted to buy her some romantic gifts. I could have given her a nice birthday party or a car but I didn’t make any plans. And I don’t know if she would like that. Besides! I’ve never met any of her friends. Just thinking to myself, How come I’ve never met any of her friends? The very first day that I went out with Julie, she introduced me to her best friend Mary.

After the store. I went straight to my her place. Got there as quick as I could. As I was about walking up a little step on the side walk to her place.

A man yelled, “Hey!!”

I looked back, and he walks up to me, and said, “hey, how you doing?”

“Do I know you?” with a confused look on my face.

“Are you going to Nadelie’s house?” He asked me.

Said, “Yeah, you know her?”

He said “Yes! She is a man!”

With a frowny look on my face, staring at him like I didn’t get what he just said. I was like, “WHAT?”

I looked at Nadelie’s place because it seemed like some one looked out the window.

He said, “I’m telling you man, Nadelie is a man.”

Then she came outside; A gun in her hands. She points the gun at the unknown man, while she walked closer to where we were standing, then he saw her and puts his hands up.


I was in shock, She then points the gun at me, then points it at the man. She wanted to shoot him on the head then missed shot his arm. And points it at herself. Immediately I pushed her down on her lawn as fast as I could, while the man ran away. And she began to cry;

In my head, all I was hearing was “She’s a man!”

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