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This Ugo Osmunds story called Frenemy (alternately spelled "frienemy") is a portmanteau of "friend" and "enemy" which can refer to either an enemy disguised as a friend or to a partner who is simultaneously a competitor.

Submitted: October 02, 2009

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Submitted: October 02, 2009



Amber’s parents death was a tragic, nobody knew what happened. Some people said \"they were poisoned while some said \"they just slept and never woke up. For some unknown reasons Amber’s aunt, Mary told Amber to be careful about how she hangs around her friend Vivian. Amber thinks maybe her aunt was just trying to be responsible for her. because Vivian’s mom really dislikes her.

Vivian, Erin and Amber are best friends but Vivian and Erin are more close to each other than all of them being close to each other. Vivian and Erin share more secrets between each other. Amber is very talented, she wants to be a famous singer, she also wants to be an actress. The three friends call themselves the VEA Girls. (meaning, Vivian, Erin and Amber)

When ever they hang out, they like to talk about the two twins, Kerry & Kelly. Most of the time, it would be Vivian and Amber talking about how cute the twins are... while Amber would be wanting them to listen to how she sings “Talk About Love”, A song by Celine Dion. Amber also likes the twins, but its not her number one priority.

One weekend, Vivian and Amber hanging out at Vivian’s house doing school home works. Immediately Vivian’s mom Mrs. Jane walked in and saw them. She sent Amber home and warned her never to come to her house again. Vivian \" mom why Amber can’t come over again?\" shut your mouth up or I will shut it for you.\" Vivian did not want to get in trouble with her mom so she let it go. Amber got home and told her aunt Mary what happened. Mary told Amber that she was not surprised about what happened. Because she has always known Mrs. Jane as a Wicked person. Amber got really confused but Mary sat her down and told her what happened in 1995.

(MARY STARTED TELLING AMBER WHAT HAPPENED IN 1995). She said, “Amber, your mother and Mrs. Jane was best friends just like you and Vivian are best friends now, Mrs. Jane and your mom did business together in 1995, business worth of six million dollars and only your mom’s own came out good in the business. Out of jealousy, Mrs. Jane became something like a Frenemy to your mother but your mother had no idea. She invited your mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob to her house and poisoned both of them with food. AMBER WAS SHOCKED!.. Amber asked Aunt Mary, “how did you know that she poisoned my parents?\" Mary Replied, “Amber my daughter, your parents died at your house and I was on holidays at your house when your parents came home, around 12 mid night both of them started screaming and I ran into their room and asked what was the matter and your mother said that they don’t know what they ate at Mrs. Jane’s house and you father said he thinks that Mrs. Jane has poisoned them, but your mom told me not to think that Mrs. Jane poisoned them, she told me to keep it a secret. After they said that to me they both past out and died.

Amber then hate the word Frenemy. She was not going to go revenge her parents death but she put her friend Vivian to a test. She wants to know if Vivian would be something like a Frenemy to her if she started liking the twins very much like Vivian and Erin do…

A month went by, Amber became close friends with Kerry and Kelly. The twins loves Amber’s voice, every time they want to hear her singing Talk about love by Celine Dion. VIVIAN FINDS OUT, she called her closer friend, Erin and told her what was going on. THEY GOT SO ANGRY AT AMBER. THE WHOLE DAY THEY GOSSIP ABOUT HOW AMBER ALWAYS FEEL LIKE SHE IS BETTER THAN EVERYONE. Amber kept hanging out with the twins because they love to hear her sing. Vivian and Erin doesn’t like Amber singing.

Kelly fell in love with Amber. Vivian heard about it and developed so much hatred at Amber but was still Amber’s friend.

Amber began to see that Vivian really has developed so much hatred over her liking the twins. Amber knows that Vivian has been gossiping about her because Erin kept telling Amber what ever Vivian said about her. Kerry fell in love with Erin. Vivian could not believe what happened to her, she felt betrayed by her friends.. Vivian cried all day, her mother Mrs. Jane asked her why she was crying. She told her. Mrs. Jane hired a hit man to kill Amber and Erin. The hit man found Erin and shot her. Amber was next. Vivian did not know that her wicked mom hired a hit man to kill Amber and Erin. The hit man wanted to come back the next day to kill Amber. Amber went to Erin’s house the same day and everybody was crying. Erin’s mother told her that she was killed by a shoot and run driver. Amber was smart enough to know that she would be next. She ran to Kerry and Kelly’s house and told them the whole story. The same night Kelly and Amber ran away. Kerry called the police and told them the whole story that Amber told them. The police(S.W.A.T) went to Amber’s house waiting for the hit man to come so they can arrest him. Very early in the morning thehit man came to Amber’s house and got arrest by the police. The hit man told the police that Mrs. Jane sent him to go and kill Amber and Erin. Mrs. Jane got arrested too. Vivian could not believe what happened to her life. The End... It's her Mom's fault that she her life ended up miserable.

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