Frenemies 2

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The Death of Best Frienemies Forever is a story about a girl named Nakia. Nakia is a Psychopath Whose emotions causes her to get extremely out of hand when angered.

Nakia is a fun loving girl. Just don’t mess with her emotions.

She can get psycho. Growing up, it had always been Nakia and Sabirah.

“Two best friends.” They made promises to each other before they both got into high school…

to be best friends forever. They had a covenant that nobody could ever come between them.

They would protect and help each other in any situation. The promise was kept.

You know, when two people are in a relationship with each other, if they had a conversation or had to agree on something it comes from one of them.

Sabirah is always the one that knows everything and the one that will say something before Nakia had to agree with it.

Because of that, when Nakia got her first boyfriend in school, she did not let Sabirah know about it yet, because she knows if she tells her that she got a boyfriend,

Sabirah would want to tell her the way the relationship should go. Sabirah knows everything… especially the way boys act.

Nakia’s first three boyfriends all cheated on her and left her heart broken and always, she ended up not listening to Sabirah’s advice.

Sabirah doesn’t have a boy friend. She has never had a boyfriend. She doesn’t want a boyfriend. She believes that there is no good guy out there.

She is not a lesbian. She is just a girl that knows everything in this world.”

Junior, Nakia’s little brother, dislikes Sabirah so much. Junior just wish she would stop coming over to their house.

Nakia wants a boyfriend. She just wish she could find the perfect guy. Nakia was never the type of person that listens to advice coming from anybody,

but sometimes she listens to Sabirah because she is her best friend. Before they graduated from high school, one afternoon, Velvet and Nakia were walking home from school.

There was this other girl that always picked on Nakia. She never did anything about it. As both of them, Velvet and Nakia, were walking home.

The girl stopped both of them and started pushing Nakia around for no reason. Nakia ignored her and was moving towards the woods.

The girl followed her and was still pushing her around. Velvet just kept telling her: “Stop pushing my friend..” Nakia kept moving towards the woods.

They got to the bush and the girl tried pushing her again, immediately, Nakia brought out a knife from her school bag and stabbed the girl.

She was stabbing her! And stabbing her while Velvet was just standing there shocked and screaming! Nakia kept on stabbing her and stabbing her.

Nakia stabbed her to death. All Nakia’s clothes were full of blood. She was breathing heavily at the same time.. She looked at Velvet. Velvet tried to run.

She held her and said to her: “Velvet!! Velvet!! Look at me! Look at me, you must promise me that you will not tell anyone what you saw”.

Velvet was so shocked she didn’t know what to do. She said: “Yes, I will not tell anybody, Nakia, I promise.” Both of them followed an alley home.

Nobody found out what happened nor the body of the girl that was stabbed. Few years went by. Velvet introduced Nakia to a guy named Abel C …

They fell for each other. Sabirah hates Abel. She thinks he is too good to be true. She thinks all boys suck. She thinks Abel is a player.

She thinks Abel has messed with Nakia’s mind so much that Nakia is now so in love with him. Abel is friends with Velvet’s boyfriend, John Iceberg. They are buddies.

Nakia found Abel so different from all the boyfriends that she has ever had. He is always with her, doing things for her. The way he makes love to her; he even promised to marry her.

They are engaged and living in the same house. Nakia feels like she has found all that she is looking for in a man. She is so in love with him. Sabirah hates it so much.

Nakia is so much into this guy that she dislikes so much. In an elevator; Sabirah and Nakia were going home from the gym.

Sabirah asked. “How can you be all in love with that guy? Your heart will be broken before you know it.”

Nakia replied. “Not my Abel. I know he loves me and he would never let me go.”

They got off the elevator. Abel was standing out the door. Nakia gave him a hug. O! there was a horrible look on Sabirah’s face because of what she saw.


One night, Abel told her love, Nakia: “John my friend is a player. Lately, I have been seeing him with a lot of girls. You should advise your friend, Velvet to break up with him before she surfers a heartbreak.”

The same night, Nakia gave Velvet a call. Velvet picked up the phone and was crying. “I caught him cheating! I caught him cheating on me,” she said.

After Nakia dropped the phone, she said: “O my God! I cannot believe this sucker called John Iceberg broke one of my girls’ heart.”

Then Abel said to her: “I told you baby.” She got upset, jumped off the bed, changed her clothes and grabbed her car keys. “Where are you going?” asked Abel.

“I will be back, honey, hold on..” She left. She was speeding so fast. She was on a destination to somewhere. So desperate, she got to John Iceberg’s house.

She parked. Music was playing so loud at John Iceberg’s house. You could hear it from the outside. It was like he was partying with someone.

Nakia got off the car and was walking slowly to John’s door. She pressed the door bell. John opened the door. She pulled out a gun, shot him on the forehead.

John fell down. Blood was all over the floor. She turned around to walk away. Velvet was standing behind her. She saw what happened. Velvet began to run.

As she was running, Nakia followed her behind. It was around twelve mid-night. At the same moment, Nakia saw that she was dialling her cell phone. Maybe she was calling 911.

She ran up to her and pushed her to the ground. Velvet fell. The phone dropped … “Hello?” “Hello?”

Nakia took the phone and saw that it was a 911 call. She said. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!. Stupid bitch, are you trying to call the police on me? I came here to deal with this fucker that fucked you up.”

“Please Naky don’t kill me. You know I’m your friend and I love you,” pleaded Velvet. She was on the ground. Nakia was too upset. She shot her.

This time on her chest. Velvet died. Before the police could reach the place, Nakia was gone.. The police got to John’s house and saw his body lying on the floor.

Dead. They heard a sound inside the house. Someone was crying inside the house. It was Sabirah. She was naked and shaking on the floor. She saw what happened.

The police took her. At the police station, they asked her lots of questions, but she said she saw what happened but did not see the face of the person who did the shooting.

The police let her go home. In the shower at home, Sabirah could not believe what happened. She had never seen Nakia get violent.

She knew it would have been worse if she saw her inside the house. After she got out of shower, she called Nakia on the phone crying. “Naky did you know that Velvet and John are both dead?”

Nakia, crying as well replied: “Yes, I saw it on the news this morning.” Both of them kept crying on the phone and talking about Velvet and John.

“The two friends both deceiving each other.” Sabirah swore that she would never forgive Nakia for killing John. She was in love with John..

She was deceiving all her friends that she didn’t like boys because she knew that Velvet and John were going out at the time. She planned to break Nakia and Abel.

Nakia had no idea of the plan Sabirah has for her. They were still close friends.. Going shopping, gym, and hair salons.

Nakia noticed something - Sabirah now likes Abel. She doesn’t complain about Abel being a player and other things she called him in the past.

She asked her: “Sabirah, so how come you now like my boyfriend?” She said: “Naky, I had wrong impression of him in the past. I was wrong about him.”

Then Nakia said “Ok. When Sabirah was making plans to break up Nakia and Abel, she thought about going back to the police and telling them that she knew the face of the shooter.

She then figured that there would not be much evidence that Nakia really did it. She even started having conversations with Abel.

She usually comes around their house when Nakia is at work to talk with Abel.

Her plan is to seduce Abel into liking her and when Abel breaks up with Nakia, it would be that Sabirah is always right about everything she has ever told Nakia.

She kept seducing Abel each time she comes over. Abel tells Nakia what was going on. Nakia doesn’t want to believe it because she thinks Sabirah doesn’t like boys.

Abel told Nakia they should take some break in their relationship. It made Nakia to start wondering why but Abel never told her why.

They took two months break. and got back together again. Sabirah was still seducing Abel with words and some sexual acts. Junior; Nakia’s little brother knows what was going on.


One day as Sabirah was about to leave their house, he said to her: “Bitch, the day my sister will find out what you come over to our house everyday to do, that day will be your doom.”

Sabirah just gave him a look and walked away. Abel only complained about what was going on to Nakia a couple of times but she never believed him.

He stopped complaining about it. Nakia and Abel have been engaged for two years and they were both planning on getting married soon.

Nakia works two jobs to save up more money to add to the one Abel has so they would be able to have a beautiful wedding. Sabirah and Abel had sex.

It was like almost all the time. Nakia was never at home. She was always at work. Abel feels like he has done wrong to his future wife.

Abel was never a kind of person that would lie about anything. He even feels like if he told Nakia that he and Sabirah had sex, she would feel like he is trying to break her and her best friend up.

One afternoon, Abel packed his bags and left a letter for Nakia on the table. The same day; Sabirah came over as usual. She saw that Abel was not around, she asked Junior where Abel was.

Junior told her that Abel had ran away. She went home. Nakia got home at night. She did not see Abel. She saw a letter on the table. She opened the letter and was reading it.

When she was done, she began to cry. Junior walked in and said to her: “ Everything Abel had told you about Sabirah was true,” Nakia was just sitting down crying.

Junior went inside his room and came out with pictures. He showed Nakia the pictures. Junior was taking pictures of all that Sabirah was doing while Nakia was at work.

Nakia cried and cried the same night. She could not believe that Sabirah could betray the trust she had in her for so many years. She was thinking Sabirah was her best friend.

She never knew she turned out to be a frenemy. At mid-night, she told Junior to pack all their bags that they are moving out.

As Junior was packing their bags, Nakia drove down to Sabirah’s house. The door was not locked so she walked in. Sabirah was upstairs sleeping.

Nakia began to walk upstairs with a loaded gun in her hands. She opened the bed room door. Sabirah was just lying down sleeping.

Nakia watched her sleep. She was waiting for her to wake up. Six o’clock in the morning, Sabirah woke up. She went inside the toilet to pee.

She noticed that somebody was behind the shower cotton. So she pulled the shower cotton. Nakia shot her in her arms.

She screamed!!!!!!!!!! really loud. Nakia turned her face inside the toilet water and began to drown her inside the toilet water.

She drowned her to death. Sabirah died. Nakia left. She got home. She and Junior put their bags in the car and drove away.

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