Goddess of Love, Lust & Beauty

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A short story written by Ugo Osmunds in 2003, submitted on Booksie in 2009.


I am a human being, who love the things of the world around me; Some of them betrayed me, while some of them rejected me.

The ones I love are: The Ice of love, Suns of love, Moon of love, and Songs of love. Some of them betrayed me; while some of them rejected me.

I got so confused; and lost, I didn't know what I was looking for in life anymore. I began to search for solutions...

The Suns of love: left me after weve been together since I was born; Never again did I set my eyes on the Suns of Love. When ever I look up in the sky, I see The Moon of love. Everywhere is dark;

I began to cry, that was when The Moon of Love came out.

I stopped crying for a moment, but there was never a morning nor afternoon anymore.

There were only evenings. I began to look for something I could not understand.

On my way, I found The Songs of love; playing all alone in a forrest.

I fell in love, with The Songs of Love. We made love songs all night...We made two songs, the third one was about to be made, and The Songs of love vanished.

I was heart broken. My passion, and my emotions went high! I was desperate to know why I'm not succeeding in anything.

On my way, while searching... I found Nature Of love. Many have warned me about The Nature of Love. "No use, and very unhelpful," but i payed no attention..

because Nature of Love introduced me to The Ice of Love; during the winter, and told me that "it will never melt because Its winter. Everywhere is cold.

Your Love is melting away in a cold weather, in my hands is The Ice of Love. I asked The Nature of Love...

"Why is The Ice of Love which you gave to me melting in my hands in a cold weather?"

Nature of Love said "You're always worried, and confused; drop the ice on the ground, and comeback during the summer period, and have a good Xmas, and Happy New year."

I wiped out tears from my eyes and droped the Ice, hoping that everything would make sence in the summer period. Since the Ice of Love is melting in a cold Winter.

I came back in the middle of Summer, Went to where I droped the Ice of Love. It was'nt melting... its blocked. So I asked Nature of love

" Why is the Ice of Love not melting in a Hot summer?" The Nature Of Love replyed me saying "you're always worried, and confused."

I became very angry with him said, "but that was what you told me last winter".

And he said, "Who cares about what I said last winter? that season is over..."

Then I remembered what my fellow Humans told me about The Nature Of Love, and I felt like a fool.

I felt unhelped, and lonely. I moved to the highest mountain, and cried out to God for eleven Love nights still know answers..

On the Eleventh night: Goddess of Love, Lust and Beauty appeared to me, and She touched me.

I looked up, and saw her, "I am Aphrodite." she said with a soft voice.

I said, "I'm Human," She laughed, and sat down with me...

I said, "What would it take for me to have you all by myself?" she smiled....Inside I began to feel lust.

She said, "I know your mind."

I said, "Your the Goddess of Love, Lust, and Beauty."

She touched my lips, and said "shhhhh!!!"

She took her germents off, and said, "Touch me... I will be your Love, Lust, and Beauty, I will never melt away from you."

I touched her; Her body was cold, and soft. She smiled.

We made love, I was in her, and she was in me..... and then I WOKE UP!

I could'nt believe all that was a dream? I looked by my side.. She was laying by my side.

I had a quick flashback of the dream. immediately she woke up, and looked at me.

"my goodness she looks so beautiful."

She screamed!!! She ran to the shower, and used her nails; cuts her self open, there was blood everywhere. She said to herself.

" I am human, I dont want to be Human." I yelled "Hey! come down, how did you came about being human? I swear, I saw you in my dream, you were the goddess of Love Lust and beauty.. my goodness you're so beautiful... remember your promise? You said you would be my Love, Lust, and Beauty, forever."

She turned around, and looked at me, and said, "my promise for you is still alive" .

I said, " if your promise for me is still living...then you're still my Love, Lust and Beauty, and one of your simybols are doves."

She came, and gave me a hug and began to cry; I began to cry aswell.

Tears falling out of her eyes... I touched her tears, She touched my lips; the same way she did in my dream.

We made love crying, I was in her..she was in me, we held each other so tight....

A knock at the door. It's the mail man. ruined the mood I was into...

I came back to the room. She was gone. She left me a note saying "I am a Goddess you're human."

I cant be with you, but whenever you need anything, call me by my name, I will answer you... I am Aphrodite The Goddess of Love, Lust, and Beauty.

Every night that I call on her name, she comes and we make love all night long.

during the morning time, she's gone again..

Submitted: September 26, 2009

© Copyright 2023 Ugo. All rights reserved.

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Sat, September 26th, 2009 6:40am



Sat, September 26th, 2009 1:00am


I honestly really liked this story. The description was breath taking, and the constant comparison to the moon was slightly cheeky.
Although you seem to have kept the caps lock on a little too long, I do think this is a very wonderful story.
Great work!

Sat, September 26th, 2009 5:25pm


Thank you

Sat, September 26th, 2009 12:16pm

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