Indicative Omens

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A short story about a young adult teenager named Matthew, who believes in omens but doesn't take it too serious. Until one day something strange happened to him. And he began to have flashbacks of all the bad omens he had since he was a boy.

Submitted: July 13, 2010

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Submitted: July 13, 2010





On an early morning of October 9th  2008. it was a sunny Friday morning. around 9:29 AM.

Matthew woke up tired. Starring at the ceiling. For a minute.
Just the same way he woke up last Friday. He felt like it was a bad omen. He got up to the bathroom. where he brushed  his teeth and took a long warm shower. He also felt like it another long warm shower just like the last Friday.. And at the same time.  He has an appointment with his probation officer. Mrs. Juliet. He made the appointment a week ago and she told him to come in. On the 9th of October at 11:40 AM.

10:00 AM. Matthew was already for the appointment. waiting on his ride. His phone ranged. He picked it. It was Jacob; his best friend. Who is going to be taking him to the appointment. At Stoneville town.

“Matt, are you ready man, because I‘m on my way to your house?”

“Yeah man. I‘m ready”

“Ok I will be over there in ten minutes, so wait for me outside”

Matthew came outside. waiting for Jacob. As he was waiting, he checked the mail box at his house but there was no male inside. He does this everyday. Jacob arrived and Matthew got in his car and they left to Stoneville Town.
Stoneville, is a Town Matthew’s probation is located. It is also a Town in which Matthew grew up in, but had to move out to Vans town with his two immediate Sisters. Angela and Mary. “They felt that Some people in Stoneville where Racist.

On the way. Matthew and Jacob stopped to get gas, at a gas station. Jacob went inside the gas station to pay. A homeless man walked up to Matthew and told him “It is going to be the worst day of your life. It is going to be a very bad day for you.”
Then. The homeless man walked away. While Matthew stood there confused. Jacob came back and they got in the car. Then he asked, Jacob. “Do you believe in Omens?” he said “No.” Matthew didn’t take it too serious. As they arrived in Stoneville town.

It was about a thirty minutes drive, but Matthew made It to the appointment. Jacob was waiting in the car. While Matthew walked inside the probation building. Pressed the elevator button to third floor. He didn’t plan to stay long because he only came to make a payment on his probation fee and also to let Mrs. Juliet  know that he has found a job. A job to help him pay for his probation fees. He has not been making payments. he didn’t have a job at the time. He signed in and sat down waiting to be called up for the appointment. Then, Mrs. Juliet. came out and saw him.

“Matthew, Oh you’re here already?”

“Yes Madam.”

“Ok, you can sit down and wait for me, I will be with you in a little bit.”

Matthew sat down again waiting for the appointment. While Mrs. Juliet went back to her office.  He waited for about 15 minutes then decided to go and use the restroom. down stairs. Since Mrs. Juliet  has not called him up yet. As Matthew was about to get on the elevator down stairs.

two police officers were standing behind him. He looked at them.

“Are you Matthew?”

“Yes! that’s my name”

“You’re under arrest.”

“For what!!!? I came here to see my probation officer and to make  payments on my probation fee, What are you arresting me for?”

“Well Matthew, You are under arrest because there was a warrant to arrest you, buddy.”

Matthew was shocked, furious. His heart was beating really fast and he began to cry, while the police officers put  handcuffs on him and took him downstairs but he told them that he came to the town with a friend and would want to tell him that he has been arrested. So that he would tell his Sisters. One of the police officers went and got Jacob and Jacob came and saw Matthew in handcuffs. He is Stormed Faced.

“Matt, What happened?”

“ Jacob, I don’t know what happened, This police officers said they had a warrant for my arrest. I think Mrs. Juliet set me up”

Jacob promised Matthew that he would let his family know what happened as soon as he gets home. Then the police took Matthew to jail. On the way to jail. one of the police officers told  Matthew that the reason why there was a warrant for his arrest was because he has not been making payments on his probation fees and also because he missed a couple of monthly appointments. Matthew felt like Mrs. Juliet set him up.

“That’s not true, Officer. There has been a big mistake some where. I think my Probation Officer set me up.”

“While would she set you up?”

“I’ve no clue. I don’t know why she would set me up.”

“Well! Matthew. We are going by what your probation officer told us to do and she is the law.”

They took him to the jail, close by.

In Jail, they booked him in. Took a picture of him and also  took his hand prints. And then. They put him in a jail cell. All by himself. He kept asking the jail officers, If he could make a call, but they refused. Then he refused to eat the food they brought to him. Since They refused to let him make a call. He was sitting inside the jail cell quiet, hungry, cold, crying and thinking about his life.

“Where did I go wrong?” he kept asking himself. He Slept a bit, woke up, Shaking, feeling weak. He asked the jail officers, If he could have a pen, a paper, and a bible.

Twenty minutes later they brought him a pen, a piece of paper and a bible.. And also the food he refused to eat. He ate the food, but only a little.

He was in the cell alone for a day and half and the jail officers came and told him that he was going to be in jail until he is giving a court date. To see the judge. So he had to join in with the inmates in the Main jail.

“When can I see the Judge?”

“When they call the jail and set a court date for you.”

He was afraid that he was probably going to be in jail for a long time or even sent to prison. Because according to what the Officers told him. He violated his probation. He has been to Jail in the past but only for a few hours but this time he was told that. he would be in jail for a while. So they got him out in his cell and made him took a shower and they gave him the orange outfit, clothes. Which is the Main jail outfit. Then, they put him in the big jail room with eleven other inmates.

Inside the big Jail room. There was twelve bunker beds, one bathroom and one toilet.
When he came in. The Jail officer who brought him in. Told everyone Matthew’s  name. He said it out loud. The inmates were all looking at Matthew but seemed friendly. At the moment. So they began to walk up to him and was introducing themselves.

There names are Eric, John, Luis, Anderson, Nathan, Cody, Ben, Paul, James, Lucas, and Andrew. The first guy. Eric. Matthew’s Bunker partner. Matthew was on top and Eric was on the bottom. They became friends.

The second inmate. John. He doesn’t talk to anyone. He rather be on his bed reading his bible.  Paul is the  biggest guy in size and also the oldest guy inside the cell. He told Eric to make sure Matthew knows how things go inside the room. And also how they trade.

Nathan and Luis were the youngest in the room. They’re both eighteen years of age. Anderson is always with the remote. Ben and James were bunk partners. Always playing cards.

 Andrew is a skin head. With a Nazi sign on his neck.

Each day was boring and cold. At nights. Around 12:01 AM. When the lights were out. Everyone would be on their bunkers. Sleeping or talking until they fall at sleep. As each day go by. Matthew keep thinking that he is going to be released but then a week went by and he was still there and he had no money to buy extra food. Since everyone has extra food. Because sometimes the food the jail served won’t be enough to full up the inmates.

Eric was the one giving him extra food. Paul had more food but in other to get food from him. It’s either by trading another food with him or by having sex with him.

Matthew rather stay hungry than have sex with Paul.On Sunday, he got a letter from his sisters. He went on his bunk to read the letter.

“Hello Matt.
How are you? We all hope the good lord is taking care of you and that you are staying out of bad peoples way.
Everybody here is worried about you, we have been calling the jail but they said they can’t pass message across we even called the lawyer and the court house also your probation officer Mrs. Juliet but they were not any help.

But. The most important of this letter is to inform you that we all care.
Me and Angela came down there at the jail and we put in some money for you.
In order for you to get what you want to eat. All the people we spoke to said 
you have to be there at least 15 days before the judge can put any bond on you. And Angela is also trying to get you a lawyer and we also called your school to let them know what happened.

Hope to hear from you soon. May the peace of God be upon you Amen. Love from the whole family.”

After Matthew read the letter from his sister. Mary.
He had hope and also now knew that his family is aware of the situation his in. And he replied the letter as soon as possible and felt relaxed a bit, with out no worry.

As nights go by and by.
He began to get use to being in the cell. One night. while the lights were out.
Eric was interest in knowing what brought Matthew in the Jail.

“Hey Matthew, how old are you?”

“ I am twenty.”

“What about you, Eric?”

“I’m thirty five.”

“Wow. You don’t look like your Thirty five.”

“So Matthew what brought you in here, man?”

When Eric asked Matthew what brought him in jail. Everyone else on their bunks were also interested in knowing what brought him in. He told them that it was a long story but then they said that they didn’t care and they where all ears. Then Matthew decided to tell them his life story. The guys liked him and was interested in his life story in order to escape the boring night.

Then Matt began his life story.

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