Jaded and Decisions: Chapter 1

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Jaded and Decisions is a short story by Ugo Osmunds. a story about a man named Steven, who is hopelessly living life in despair.

Submitted: June 11, 2010

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Submitted: June 11, 2010




Twelve noon, on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

Steven came home from yet another employment rejection. So tired, He threw himself on the bed and fell asleep.

with his doors, windows, all open. Thirty minutes later, he woke up and “what the hell, He said.

The computer and the television were not where they were supposed to be..

It became obvious to him that some one had broken inside his apartment.

“Why me?” he says.

“ Why me that has nothing?”

‘what kind of life is this?”..

He shut the doors and windows and went back to the room.

A knock on the door, As soon as he heard the knock, he ran to the kitchen and pulled the kitchen knife, slowly walked close to the door

while the unknown person was still knocking at the door.

“Who is that knocking at my door?”… he yelled.

“Steven open the door, It’s me, Jane.” .. then he says “Jane who?”

“Jane, your fucking ex-girlfriend stupid, now open the door I’m with your son and I’m late for work.”

He opened the door for them. She was carrying a sleeping baby, then she said,

“Well here is James’s lunch and dinner..

I don’t get off work until around 11pm and please don’t smoke around my son.”

He turned, gave her a look and shook his head.

She said

“I don’t know why you’re shaking your head at me and you have not been paying for child support.”

then he looked at her again and says

“I thought you said at the door that you were late for work?”

Then she left with anger, and slammed the door.

So loud, you could hear the echo sounds of the door slam. He carried the baby and laid him down on a bed to sleep, sat down on a couch, checking

mails, stacked-letters, with his head down.. Then tears began to fall out of his eyes.

Then he said to himself

“Where am I going to get the money to pay for all this bills? God!! You know I’ve suffered.. I’ve helped myself on many occasions by trying hard to get a job, but all turned out to be a

pile of rejections and disappointments.”


The baby began to cry in the bed room, He rushed to go get him. He stopped the baby from crying and then they both fell asleep.

8: AM in the morning, Jane came to pick up James.

Steven was already upset.

Immediately he saw her, she was walking in then He asked her,

“Why is it now that you’re coming to get this baby?”

'’m not really in the mood to argue, Steven!” Jane replies, She picked up the baby and was about to leave..

then Steven held her back.

She Screamed” “Let me go!!” … The baby began to cry,

then Steven said

“Listen, If you ever come this late to pick up this child..I'll deal with you in a way you wouldn’t like.”

then she pushed him away

“Now you listen.. If you don’t bring in the child support money of this baby in a week. I will make sure you rout in jail, Bastard!!”

Steven lets her go, and she left and slammed the door.

He walked close to the kitchen sink with a cup to get water but the water wasn’t running. He sat down with a sorrowful look on his face and lights up his cigarette.

A knock on the door, then he says “Who is it?,”

At the door, The unknown replied “It’s Paul.”

He told him to coming that the door was unlocked. Paul came in and saw him sitting on the ground.

He was shocked to see him.

“My goodness Steven, you look half dead, man! and this place is a mess.”

Then Steven said “Paul, I’m finished! I can’t even afford a drinking water anymore. “What does a man do when he‘s 25 years old, with no money and no hope?”

Paul shook his head and said to him

“Well Steven, one thing you need to understand in this life is that when one is breathing, there’s hope.”

Steven stood up from the ground, walked inside the room and got his jacket.

Then Paul asked him “Are you leaving?”

He says “Yeah, me and you need to go talk about something very important in a more private area, because the neighbor’s might be listening through the walls."

They both left the apartment to a small lake close by.

As soon as they got to the lake, Paul asked him

“What is it that we need to talk about?” then Steven lights up his cigarette,

took a deep breath, puffs the cigarette for twenty seconds while Paul was looking at him and then

he said “I must tell you this secret and not just because you’re my best friend but also because I trust you.”

“Ok, what is it?”

He waited for a second then puff’s his cigarette again and then said

“Next week, I’m robbing a bank.” Paul says “What?’

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