Letter To Women

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Ugo Wrote A Letter To Women, Enjoy.

Submitted: December 01, 2009

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Submitted: December 01, 2009



Dear Women

(Earth resident notification letter)

Life is not fair, The world is not fair, The people in it are not fair, There is no independent, Less Liberation, Some other women are not free to be them selves, You feel that the way life works is not right, You want more and you expect more than what is giving, because self discrimination either violent or just an act is not fair.

The other halves called “Men, are evil, killers, abusive, cheaters, dogs and rapist. They’re making life worst than it is, So now there is no such thing as hope because of what you have seen and witnessed. You tried to trust them and they broke your heart, You tried loving them and yet they couldn’t keep one person in there lives, They betrayed you many times. Even your friends all gone through the same situation. “They’re cheaters and there’s nothing you can do to help it because, it’s nature, It’s natural for them to be the way they are, they are born to cheat, It is in there nature to cheat when ever in relationship. Ok.

(Don't be offended by this letter, I'm only trying to help) Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by those that are tired and discourage but kept working, With out hope, there’s no future, (When you only love someone just because of the way they make you feel, your heart is set to be disappointed or broken any second) If it is love that you’re looking for, remember that on earth there’s something called good and bad, If there’s no bad then you wouldn’t know what good is and if there’s only good, then you wouldn’t know what bad is.

Many men will ask “where do we meet beautiful women? And they get answers like the Hair saloon and when you get to the hair saloon, you will see beautiful women and sometimes that’s all they want in life. I don't believe it makes them dogs because the women at the hair saloon wasn't only their for self pleasure but to look good in other to be seen good. But Many women will ask “where do we meet responsible men? And you look and you don’t find any… because they are not perfect.

There’re places to meet responsible men, I will tell you but only if you're interested in knowing the secret I’m about to reveal to you.

There’re differences between Real Gentlemen and Average Jacks, by Average jacks, I meant those that are not Gentlemen. (It depends on what you want in a man) > Real Gentlemen are always at THE DRY CLEANERS. (Dry Cleaners) Average men don’t go to the dry cleaners. The definitions of Real Gentlemen; eligible bachelors, Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Musicians, Actors, Men that can live with out money and many more. When you see them, most of the times you will know, Most of them are married and most of them are single, while some are with girlfriends. The Dry Cleaners is the most accurate place to meet Real Gentlemen who are less evil, less killers, less abusive, less cheaters, less dogs because they really don’t have time for all those things because they have responsibilities to keep and when your in their lives, you become their responsibilities as well because they know what it means to be responsible.

If you cannot accept this accurate option that I gave you, then it’s either your blind, a lesbian, an ignorant or just a trouble maker. For the women that think this is right just remember that there’re six billion humans, ONE OF THEM IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

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